Is There An Easy Way To Remember The Order Of The Zodiac Signs?


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I find the easiest way to remember the order of things is to use a mnemonic device - and the one I use to remember the order of the zodiac signs is as follows:

  • "A Time Gone, Cowboys Loved Viewing Little Stars So Cold And Pretty."
The first letter of each word in this sentence is also the first letter of the star sign to which it refers.

So, for example, "A" refers to Aries, "Time" to Taurus and "Gone" to Gemini.

Learning this sentence should be a lot easier than learning the entire order of the astrological signs!

Is there an easy way to remember the zodiac/star signs?
If you don't find the above sentence easy to learn, then there are plenty of alternatives!

For Star Wars fans:

  • "Anakin Truly Gone, Corrupt Lord Vader Labeled Solo-Shaped Carbonite, Airmail Parcel."

  • "After Tatooine, Grouchy Chewbacca Luckily Veered Left Steering Safely Around Porkins."
And finally, some more choices for those of you who aren't fans of Star Wars...

  • "Around Thanksgiving, Grampas Condone Letting Vivacious Little Spry Sprouts Carve A Pumpkin."
  • "Active Tectonic Gyrations Could Launch Volcanic Lava Skyward, Surely Causing A Panic"
  • "Acid Trips Give Class Lectures Vivid Life Something, Something... Cool Astral Plane!"
I hope these ideas have helped!
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Even though I pay attention to zodiac signs, to horoscopes, and angel numbers I do not try to remember them all by heart. I see nothing bad in googling stuff you forgot or simply don't know. But if you really need to remember then the given answers are very helpful there.

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I find the easiest way for me to remember the order of the signs is to associate certain attributes of each sign with a person, usually a family member I know who is that sign.

For example I know Leos demand respect and as my sister is a well respected woman born in August. I know that Leo is an August sign. It's also important to remember that signs usually start on the 23rd of the month which means if my sister's birthday is the 21st of August then Leo must be a July/August sign.

However, this may not be an easy way for people to remember if you are no good with birthdays but there is also a famous rhyme which to some makes it easier;

The Ram, the Bull, the Heavenly Twins,
And next the Crab, the Lion Shines,
The Virgin and the Scales.
The Scorpion, Archer and Sea-Goat,
The Man who Pours the Water Out.
And the Fish with the Glittering Tails.

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