Are Aliens And UFOs For Real ?


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The question of whether aliens and UFOs exist is something that has been the subject of ferocious debate. There is one side that claims it all to be absolutely ridiculous and back scientific evidence to prove their claim. There is another side that claims it to be true, that aliens do exist and UFOs are not just the figment of an overworked imagination but also the real thing. There are actually quite a few unexplained phenomena in this world, and aliens and UFOs belong to this category.

Scientifically, there has been no proof that there is life in other planets or galactic systems. Life as we know it has been found to exist only on earth. However, the universe is such an enormous entity that we cannot discount the possibility of life existing in some remote planet in one of the millions of galaxies.

Besides, people have photographic evidence of unidentified aircraft appearing out of nowhere in the sky, and many people claim to have been abducted by aliens. The debate will rage on till such time as there is conclusive evidence of either the existence or non existence of alien life forms on earth. As of now, there is no definite proof of either eventuality.
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Well, I cannot say but it would be illogical to assume we are the only living things in the universe. I believe they do exist because it is logical to assume this.

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