Are Aliens Real? What Is The Proof?


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Hey,I didn't complete something on the last response. About the pyramids, how is that these people on different continents do that? Do you think that beings from other planets helped out?

Who with such great technology be able to share that type of information across continents at that time?
Also, in South America, stones were found that talk about technology and the way the Earth was millions of years ago by a tribe that lived millions of years ago. Humans only go back thousandths of years ago.

They believe that they were a group of aliens from another planet that tried to inhabit this planet before but with no success the conditions of the planet at that time.
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Not all life lives on the surface of a planet. The inner earth is full of Natural caverns, ice plains and water springs. Humans are not alone on earth.. Sounds crazy I know, but who you going to trust... The Government??? Ha!!!
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Yes they are real there is so much proof out there it's crazy there are pictures videos thousands of witnesses and stories but my favorite are old paintings with aliens in them This in my mind is proof enough for anyone don't you think?
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Hey, I agree with hoby. Do you really think that we are alone in this vast universe?

Remember in school when they taught us that "Europeans" though the world was flat and that you will fall out of the Earth at a certain point? Well, they were wrong. Now we know that the Earth is round.

Right now, if you think about it, we are now branching out slowly into what is outside our planet. I think the reason why extra terrestrials have not publicly announced themselves is because there is too much racism, hate, and issues among us. We have evolved into a materialistic world and have slowly drifted away from mother Earth and spirituality.

I believe that with high technology there also needs to be advance spirituality. There needs to be a balance. High technology comes with spirituality. Psychologically, physically, we are still evolving. They are waiting for and helping us get to where we need to be. We tend to overlook the simplicity of things. Love, forgiveness, sincerity, etc. We need to focus on finding our inner peace and then that will fix how we interact with each other.

Also, why do you think that the indigenous people all over the world believed in chakras? Why is that North and South American indigenous peoples built pyramids like they did in Africa? Why is that certain indigenous tribes of Mexico speak an African dialect?

There is a lot of mysterious to be solved and a lot of the history was erased because of Christian Europeans doing their "missionaries". Europeans used religion and construction of race to justify their exploitation of indigenous people and to defend their race because African genes are stronger. Well, I hope that gives you a lot to think about.
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Our earth has evolved rapidly in the last 150 years and that is because people see things and use them as there own ideas, look at some of the american air cores and militarised planes they are not just great ideas america is the place with the most sightings there is a mountain in america.

You are meant to be able to see ufos entering and exiting it but when further investigated nothing was found but lava underneath the surface, why would they let it out when countries are contesting war all the time if you got something ahead of your intruder your not going to tell them your going to use it to your advantage.

Also remember people who work in these places are only human after all and someones going to piss them off or their going to get greedy for money and they let info and other sources leak to the public they also got friends and family and someone always slips up somewhere also.

If they told the public it would cause panic and people would turn against them for hiding it for so long I think their is lots of other things out their I think we are only one of the many planets wondering the same thing ,right now something is probably visiting another planet ...

By the way, check out james gillilands footage of that mountain I was on about earlier .... Got to go now because my aunt ilean and uncle alien are coming round for tea lol!
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It really depends on what you mean by real? Do you mean do they exist somewhere out there in the great void that is the Universe? The answer is almost certainly yes. If you look at the statistics, the number of galaxies, planets, stars, then there is every chance that there could be millions of other life forms living all over the Universe. But will we ever meet them?Probably not as the distances involved are so huge as to be totally impractical to travel. Will they come and see us? That's probably a more important question and my answer would be I certainly hope not. I saw all the Alien films!!!
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Yes I think there might really be never know what is out there .people say they see them.
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The proof is rosewell in america, where they say an alien crashed, but the government never said a word after it happened
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There is no proof of aliens anywhere in the known universe, as time and science progress the odds of finding another civilization are incredibly remote.

Even though the universe is unfathomably enormous, recent studies in search of planets revolving around stars have shown rather dismal prospects for another earth. As far as any visiting this planet, there is no evidence other than some rumors, all unfounded that UFO's have visited this planet.

With the advent of the video camera, the cell phone camera and other mass picture taking devices the rate of incidents has fallen off to almost nothing. It is the same for several other myths, too many people are carrying around photographic devices and as a result are not finding aliens.

I do not think that you can interpret stone carvings that have not been deciphered as proof of aliens and the Pyramids were built by the Egyptians without any help or even the wheel. Just be happy that the conditions on earth were perfect for the formation of man, no matter how you believe that happened.
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Few planets, I think it's 2 like our own Earth have been found, but the conditions they have are extreme; extreme whether; heat, cold, ice, volcanoes and such like; it's unlikely there is life on there but considering the size of the Universe, how could Earth be the only planet to have life on it?! That seems mad and improbable. So, I think there is almost definately other life somewhere.
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There is a lot of credible proof if you're prepared to do the research. Sadly, alot of the real UFO and alien encounters are either smothered by thousands of fake ones, get covered up, or are considered a hoax very quickly. 

No one really knows what to believe anymore. I guess you just have to go with your own instinct and common sense as to whether you think the proof is true enough for you to believe..

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The bible tell us it is so. Check John 1:10 (I think) where it is said "I have sheep of other pens"
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To be honest no one knows if aliens are real or not but apparently there have been spottings of you.f.os in the past and apparently there was an alien autopsy at area 51 but know one knows.
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I raly don not no I just hope if they are they are nice and not evil like those ones from that movie were the aliens come and kill peole and then finally die because of our atmosphere
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I think earth needs to make mars inhabitable and then move some humans there and keep doing this until we find aliens oh and mr.I raly don no you need some help mentally

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