What Are Aliens?


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Aliens means someone who does not live on the earth.
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          The verbal meaning of word "Alien" is of a person residing in a country to which he/she does not belong by birth but holds the citizenship for that country. Such people because of their difference in culture and behaviour are often called as Aliens.

          The word Alien is also used for Extra Terrestrial species. Extra Terrestrial species are those which do not belong to the planet earth. The most common terms that you hear along with the aliens is you.F.O which is acronym for Unidentified Flying Objects.

          Till current studies it has been accepted by that no such evidence has been found for life outside earth. However some Scientist do believe that Extra Terrestrial life does exist and the hypothesis they present is

          "Building blocks of life on earth are carbon and water. Carbon and water combine chemically to form the composition of sugar which is the sole source of energy. It is believed that life requires these components in other parts of universe too but other components and solvents are available. One alternative to carbon is silicon. Silicon life forms are considered to exist in high temperatures. Scientists believe that this could be possible in planets near sun as they have very high temperatures. Ammonia is considered to be an alternate to water."
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Aliens are big headed green men with skinny arms and legs and a round belly. They live in outer space,and they have very large heads and very big eyes and mouths with little slits in there head for there nose.
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Generally, an "alien" is a creature or being not from the native area, and when it doesn't have the word "illegal" slapped in front of it, it is generally used to refer to a creature that is not native to Earth.
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Aliens live in space and they are green
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My hypothesis is that " aliens " are just humans from the future who have developed a time machine and are coming back in time to study us or I could have smoked way too much pot when I was a kid and my brain is just fried but I like the first theory better.
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Aliens are what the bible calls another type of species. They are built differently because their bodies have to adjust to the climates/atmosphere of their planets. If its mentioned in the Bible then it exists. It talks about that they come from the planet(s) the Pleiades. I have actually seen, not kinding, a huge UFO similar in size to the one seen in independence day. I had nightmares for years, but I drew pictures of it. I continued to explain to others it would be arrogant for us to think that we the only type of species/humans that live anywhere in the universe.
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An alien is something that is from another planet, possiably another solar system, maybe even another galaxy or even universe. We have sent stuff into space but it might take 1000 years for it to get to the place where these living beings are. For the 'aliens' to be classified as a living thing it has to follow the living code MRS GREN movement reproduction Sensitivity growth Resperation Excreation Nutrition. They might also be asking the same question about us. If they were to look at us that would like as us as if we were 1000 years ago. If we shouted 'Hello' it would take approximatly 1000 years to get there.

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