I See A Lot Of Ghosts Or I Hear A Lot Of Sounds That Sound Like Voices What Does It Mean?


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If you consult any alopethic physician, he can better tell you the psychological reasons for such feelings or better go to some psychiatrist who can better help you out of this ditch.
But remember one thing. Witches and Ginnies are real. The evil demons only attack those souls who develop some sort of psychological disorder or phobias or their faith is not strong or in other words, spiritually they are weak. Do one thing. Start preparing your self mentally that these are nothing but an apparition. Don't give too much attention to these things. The more you will be stronger in your faith, the more immunity you will develop in defying the influence of these evil creature( if anyhow it does exist). Spirtualise yourself. Read you holy book and consolidate your faith that nothing can harm you if you believe in God. God is omnipresent. Ask His help , pray to him, be strong and just consider that He is always with you wherever you are. Then see you will improve miraculously.
But remember, for all these things you need
(1)consistency (2) Will Power (3) Consolidated Faith on God
May God help you.

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I do believe in ghosts or spirits don't really know the difference but they have sure scared the hell out me and my children.I lived in las nieves durango in Mexico with my kids on a land that was suppose to be one of Pancho Villas old haciendas and things happened their that even I have a hard time believing.We could swear my newborn was crying and I'd send my son to go check but she was sound asleep dishes breaking but all was alright and someone breathing over me and actually felt em sit on my bed my husband at that time was a carpenter and I would hear the the electric saw going and I would send my kid to call him for dinner but he was not there.even just 2 days ago here in Texas I woke up to some figure standing over me and as I shouted in fear it dissapered so yes I believe you were some would rather send you to a loony doctor I would see a medium first and see what's up good luck
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I believe in ghosts because last year I moved into my new house and when I am in my bedroom on my own I have heard my name being shouted and I sounds like my dad but when I ask he swears blind that he has said anything. My sister has heard this too. Also my cat looks up into space when I'm in my bedroom and often quickly runs away and once she even hissed!!!!! Scary!
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There are more of us than it believed... People write us off as fiction; the stuff better suited for teen novels and HBO hits. However, clairvoyants, mediums, witches: All these exist in real life and the beliefs of these people often out date many religions that are more accepted. I have been able to hear things since I was a child. I had nightmares, and witnessed objects move of their own volition. It wasn't until I was confronted by a practicing wiccan that I found out that I wasn't crazy, and that I in fact had the ability to see and hear spirits. Science can prove many things, but be wary of seeking help with such a problem from someone with a medical degree. Diagnosis and medication won't make your gifts go away.
Blessed be, and I hope you find the answers you're looking for.
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Yes, I believe that there are spirits and ghosts. Like human beings there are devils also called 'Sheetan or Jin' in the world. They can fly and can appear in the shape of human beings. These creatures live at different places. There are good Jins and bad Jins. They don't harm you unless you harm them or tease them. They live at certain places where there is no human being living. You should consult with some Muslim scholar to know about these creatures and you will come to know about how to get rid of them.

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