Why Hasn't God Gotten Rid Of Satan Yet? If Satan's The Source Of All Our Problems, Why Not Dispose Of Him?


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Satan was God's angel who rebelled. That's when evil was born. God will destroy Satan in the end. God allows us to choose who we will serve. There are only two choices. God or Satan. If we do not serve God, then we serve Satan. Not my words. It's in the Bible - God's words. He gives us free choice and does not force himself on us. If we were to force someone to love us, the relationship would not be sincere. So he let's us choose. So we decide who we serve. But there are rewards and consequences. If we serve God, there are rewards. If we serve Satan, there are consequences. We also have to remember that there is eternity to consider. Serving God, eternity is Heaven. Serving Satan, eternity is Hell. That's also in the Bible. Even if there was not the promise of Heaven, the relationship with God is so fulfilling. You could turn your question around and say that God is the answer to all of our problems. We will still have the problems of life, but we don't have to go through them alone. He makes them more bearable. Hope this helps.
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I believe in God. But he is not fair. Why reward only those who believe in him? It may be easier to have faith in him if you hadn't gone through so many trials over and over and over again ever since you were born. Can you really blame such a person for losing faith in God? But for those people that are fortunate in life and DO believe in him, do they deserve to be rewarded more then those unfortunate people that have already gone through hell here on earth?
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I am one of those unfortunate peolpe, and still I believe in God. But my relationship with him has not been fulfilling. He has NOT made my problems more bearable. On the contrary. I put my trust in him and he takes all the people I love in return. I don't care that he did not kill them. But it is hard to maintain my faith when all my life is filled with sorrow.
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Wrong. Satan is NOT the source for all our problems. We must take credit for our own sins and faults, but its Satan who is the tempter. God is sovereign so He does as He pleases, not that He abuses His dominion. But we are our own persons and we allow Satan to tempt us into sin. He is just the cherry on top. If we had someone to blame it all on then we would have no reason to believe in God. He will not destroy Satan just so that those who want to be irresponsible and immoral can just continue on doing them. His Word is SOLID. Thats why its not just a book, but His spoken Word. It is the human nature to just "mess up". Our fleshly nature allows us to go and do what we please, as He equipped us with freewill to choose life or death. Satan is a deciever, so don't get this twisted. You and all others who think like this are just falling for this deception. I wont slander you for your views as you have freewill to choose, but once you allowed Satan to deceive, he retains power over you. In Genesis thats exactly what happened and God gave US dominion over this planet, but we gave it to Satan thru deception. Its foolishness to you but thats your view and I respect it. Peace.
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This is from the words of a pastor and not the Bible. How many things are even written about Satan in the Bible? Not as much as you are saying. OMG if only half of the Christians on here saw this we would all get bad ratings. Hahhahaha.
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Well, god doesnt exist, so either way you put it, it's "foolishness"

i'm trying to understand christianity better so i know what i hate about it.
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I don't believe in the god that the bible speaks of nor do I believe in Satan, not in that sense. Satan is just the worlds excuse for their bad behavior & evil doings, not taking accountability for the human races actions. He killed that child.... The devil is in him. *rolls eyes*
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I believe that God gives us the choice to follow him. In saying that, I mean sin was brought on this world by man and God freely gives us the choice to follow him he shouldn't have to destroy Satan for people to realize that sin is wrong and that we shouldn't do it. We should just follow him no matter what and not worry about why he hasn't gotten rid of Satan because I feel that God is quit aware of what he's doing no questions asks!
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The BLAME GAME started as soon Adam and Eve disobeyed God and sin entered man. Adam blame Eve whom God gave him. Eve blamed the serpent. We are sinners living in a fallen world. Wars and strife, hunger and poverty, suffering and dead, natural disasters and calamities and so many problems are all around us.

Don't blame God. God will never forsake anyone. God is not silent when the enemy is surging.

Don't blame Satan like Eve did. Satan is strong but that's no excuse--- "He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world" (1 John 4:4).

Temptations will follow us till we breathe our last. Pray as Jesus Christ taught, "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."

God promises a safe landing but not a calm passage. NO TEMPTATION IS TOO STRONG TO RESIST.
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Waaaaaaaaaaahh!!! You are giving a very difficult thing.. If I would say that god don't kill .. You would tell me why innocent people die.. Right???.. But I think god let it be as so for people to have a choice.. It would be bias if it were only him.. He left him there to leave people a choice. Their are bad things for us to realize and appreciated the beauty of life more..
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God hasnt destroyed Satan yet because He only tempts people to sin, only when we yield to him, he can cause us great problems. Only we overcome him by obeying the voice of God and keeping his commands consistently and not yielding your members to sin, then he cannot cause great destruction. Of course you need the Holy Spirit's Help for this, you alone cannot do it alone. You can overcome him by the word of God as Christ also overcame him by quoting the scriptures "It is written" and he did not sin. Hence he said The prince of this world is coming and he has nothing in me.
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The best way to understand this is to take time to read the bible and educate yourself. Then you will gain an understanding of God's plan for the world. The entire idea is to seek God and there you will find the answers to all your questions. It takes patience, perserverance and most of all faith. Remember, there are no athiests in fox holes.
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Because he wanted to be more powerful then god and so he sent him down where he belonged because I don't think god believes in killing someone that he dislikes
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If the "God" would let people suffer, then why even call him a 'god'? People cause pain for themselves. A god can't change that because of free will. And why get rid of Satan?? Satan doesn't influence people. Satan is god in my opinion
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People, people, no need to bicker, the answer is so simple! This is all just one big misunderstanding, one spanning centuries. Satan isn't the cause of our problems, Stan is! Some monk just maybe a typo (scribo?) and forgot to apply some Ye Olde Corrective Fluid. We should be going after Stan.
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If Satan represent the evil in the world . Than you should except it . When GOD made the world he made good and Evil . It is said that Evil was made to prove the Good.
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Yea, theres NO way I could appreciate my finacee due to the fact that I havent had a poor relationship with a woman before... I suppose that I couldnt think winning the lottery was a good thing if I hadnt been broke before either.[/sarcasm]
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Greentree7 you gave a pretty lenghty sermon, about Lucifer and his gang and Adam and Eve..
And its just like I said God created Good and Evil. The bible always begins with ( IN THE BEGINNING GOD ) thats singular meaning ONE .
The answer you are looking for can not be found by anyone but you.
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This, I think, is the real common misconception. I don't think people created Satan to represent and justify the evils of the world, they did it to justify the evils within themselves. Same could be said for this God character. If some fundamentalist beats a gay kid's head in with a brick, he can justify this violent, destructive act (which the Bible clearly condemns) as working for the side of good. It covers his innate destructive pattern for evil with a purpose.
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Satan was one of God's mos beloved angels. He asked questions and was thrown in hell. This is a good question to a good story, but it is not real. Satan is not a huge evil doer like many people that misinterpret the Bible will tell you. They think Satan is always at their back. They also have trouble in the real world and can't do anything without relating it to the book. They are not very smart and I feel sorry for them.

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