Is Conversion Of Religion Good Or Bad ? Please Give Reasons.


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Conversion is a change and should be a choice of free will. Religious conversion is intended for spiritual development than physical. But it is becoming a trend towards non-spiritual gain and life. What I mean is that lots of people gets converted for non-religious reasons. Maybe because they are forced to, given money or the girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/boss says so. This is not the real spiritual awakening.

And when a conversion is done that means the second religion does not tolerate the first one and needs a conversion. This is a bad point for a religion to have (intolerance). What makes it that a person can't have two religions, that is the intolerance of one of those religions. When a Brahmin came to Lord Buddha and came to the refuge of triple gem, he thought to not to offer alms to Jhaina (Brahmin monks) any more. The Buddha advised that you do not have to leave a religion to be a Buddhist, and should continue the alms to the monks of the other religion if possible.

The conversion at free will ensures that the personnel will of choosing a religion is ensured and a positive point to the first religion. When a person chooses what is best for him over what is given by his/her parents it is the freedom of thinking and there is a more possibility of a spiritual advancement than going with what is given just because it is what heard since the childhood.

I personally have lost all the beliefs and then became more religious after understanding more about life, and then explored in to many other religions. Now I also hold some pagan beliefs, not as whole religions, but picked and chosen by myself. I think that one should believe what he can understand. Believing on something incomprehensible is blind faith and a shame (as I think).
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Conversion to religion normally means, one turns from being a person, who does not profess to believe in God, or hold membership in any organized religious body, to one who believes in God, and holds membership in some church. This, I believe would normally be good for the person. Learning about God, praying with others, growing in faith and love for God, self and others would be good.

On the other hand, if someone belongs to an organized religion and later decides to change religions, this could also be good. If, by the change one grows in knowledge and love for God; the new religion teaches truth about God and His love for His people this would be good. If a new religion helps one to become a better person, then conversion would probably be good.

Conversion is really a personal change within our heart, which helps us love as God loves us!
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Well it can't be bad because the person who changes religion doesn't believe in the greater power they believed in before, whether it be god or an octopus!

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