Is Islam peaceful? Yes or no ? And please give me the reason why?


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You are really getting on my nerves

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Scroll back to yesterday, the last time you cretins asked this same Question.

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Yin, I think they are trolling for affirmation. ANY affirmation.
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She's the reason that the site has a problem retaining users. Many users just ignore her or kiss her ass and JA just sits idly by defending her and her asinine rants. I challenged her many times and, after a few notes from JA, I was banned.
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I don’t think much of that site anyway. I suspect I’ll either be an infrequent contributor or abandon it altogether at some point.
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So many of religions born of more barbaric time, had way of dealing with certain things . . . BARBARICALLY . . . .

The Bible had everything from stoning, to dashing babies on rocks . . . The Quran is no different.

It is the practicer of these religions that define it as peaceful of not. They can either choose to embrace the Holy Texts as literally interpretation to be followed to the letter (mainstream fanatical extremists), or label the texts as allegorical in nature and be branded a heretic.

The problem IS that these were originally written to be literal. They were designed with the purpose to promote that particular religion without regard for any other beliefs other then to treat other beliefs with death.

So, NO!

Islam is not a peaceful religion.

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