Two Reasons Why Religion Is Important?


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Many people can't cope with life, and need a crutch. Many people are afraid of death, and need a crutch. For those not falling into either category, religion/superstition is unimportant. Let the priests and shamans rattle their magic sticks as they will, life will continue to be brutal, nasty and short.
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Perry Donaldson
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I agree Religion is a crutch, christianity is Not a religion, Jesus himself dealt a little more harshly with religious leaders. A religious leader came to him in John,one of the four
gospels in chapter 3 and verse 3 and on Nicodemus came to him at (night) He ask
Jesus I know you have come from God because your miracles are of God. Jesus said
Verily, Verily (means give me your total attention) You must be BORN AGAIN, Pray this....
Jesus have mercy on me and forgive me, I accept you Jesus

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