Is it normal to sometimes have dreams that tell the future?


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Yes I have a lot of dreams that show me the future, they always concern my future. I used to think they were just dreams and meant nothing, until I started to notice about 35 years ago that things I had dreamt about, were actually happening in my life. I started trying to work them out with not much success, as dreams come in symbols and mixed up messages, I even get sound in some of my dreams. About 30 years ago I started buying books that explain about dreams, and give a guide on how to work out what they are trying to tell me, and found them to be very helpful, some dreams will keep recurring, until you have worked them out, or it is to late and the time has passed. I have learned to work my dreams out quite well now, and they have helped me to be ready for the events in my life that they are showing me. I now realise that for dreams to actually tell of future events, that there must be a spirit world, other dimension's and Angels. The Bible book of Revelation is a book of dreams that John had, showing what was then a very distant future, and for our benefit. I believe that those dreams that John had are happening now, in our time, and that Jesus [who is the Angel Michael, Gods first creation] will very soon come as a thief in the night [just as the Bible tells us] and puts and end to the hell, that Satan is for now being allowed to cause on Earth.
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There are two types of dreams
1) from God if you pray regularly
2) from devil if you keep obeying him
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Yes as we all have them but its just hard to tell how far into the future they are and if you can alter the outcome.
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Yes, Arun is also presently trying to altar the outcome, before Andrea drags him down the church navel onto the altar of the wedding sacrifice.
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Its his own fault as he got what he was looking for
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Yes it normal to have dream about the future. I have these dreams to but of other people. This I believe is call a special gift.
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Yes I used to have the same thing unfortunately for me I don't have that gift anymore think of it this way you're lucky not everyone is that lucky.

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