Is It True That If You Dream About Someone They Were Thinking About The Same Night?


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There is no evidence at all to support this I'm afraid. Although many believe that dreams have deeper meaning, it is more likely that dreams are just your mind making sense of your subconscious when you're asleep. More often than not, dreams can be connected to events that have happened in your real life or can signify something you have been thinking or worrying about.

It may be that you have bumped into this person and have fallen asleep thinking about them. In this case it is possible that the other person may be thinking about you, but this is more likely to be because they have seen you that day. Dreams can be symbolic of your reality and may be related to the way you feel; this would be supported by the fact you are hoping your dream has some connection to the way the other person feels about you. It is often the case that people dream about certain aspects of their life which they think about a lot or things that confuse them. It is thought that dreams could be a way of working through scenarios to make sense of certain aspects in a safe environment. Some people believe that dreams are related to fate and what the 'universe' has laid out for us in life; however there is, again, no research or evidence to support these claims.

The thing with dreams is no one really knows 100% what they mean, how they happen or whether they have any significance. So until proved otherwise, why not believe what makes you feel happiest? Personally, I believe that dreams suggest answers and ways to deal with difficult aspects of my life; this is not because I feel it is the most logical explanation but instead it gives me inner peace and strength to deal with day to day life.
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I believe it is true. Last night I had this amazing dream about a guy I like. It wasn\'t in the future because it had already happened. But it was acte out like I wished it would\'ve gone. Although he hasn\'t texted me, I still believe it means he was thinking about me. This was the first time I had ever dreamt about him. When I stopped thinking about him as much as I usually did, here comes the dream. But who knows if he was...<br>Also, I had this dream about a guy I liked and the next day he asked me out... I think he was thinking about me because I think he was thinking about how he would ask me out or something like that...
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It could be possible...anything is possible, really. But you have to remember that your dreams also depend on what you were *consistantly* thinking of that day, and your deepest thoughts weigh the hardest on your mind and sometimes wiggle into your dreams. If you still don't know, you can ask the guy if you want but don't feel pressured to do so. I had a dream about a guy I really like and it's been the second dream I've had of him in a row, and a couple weeks ago I had dreams of him five times in a row. You could call me obsessed, but I'm really not. I just care about him a lot and wonder if he likes me back anymore. And by anymore, I mean we used to be together very often and crush over each other, but now we both feel....broken =/. I don't know what's going to happen, but my friend thinks my consistant dreams are ominous...
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I really have know idea because one of my friends that are really close to me I had a dream about him and I woke up the next morning and I was thinking about him when I woke up and I was thinking....was he thinking of me last night so we were texting and he said to me that he had a dream about me last night and I was like wow so I really don't know if its true or not a lot of people say that its true some say not so I don't really know
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Because you are in me..
I can't stop thinking about my crush too.
Its just something that we all do when we have a strong feeling about someone.
Its so hard to control my feelings I just want to tell him . But I can't.
Hope that helped.
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Defiantly trust me I was thinking of this dude for a whole week and he kept saying that he keeps dreaming that we're on the carnival ride we went on that summer. That was what I was thinking about too. Except my bro was in his dream to making out with his sister. Awkward
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I think it could possibly be true because me and my ex were totally in love and he asks my friends if I talk about him a lot and I dream about him all the time I hope its true because I totally miss him
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I definitely like to think that this is true, however in some cases people dream of celebrities who they've never met so then it wouldn't make sense that they were thinking of you.
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I have something...I dreamed of a guy  and he told me if I liked him... And told me why don't you ask me out!I was like your the guy your the one that suppose to ask me out....(but its just that I don't know if he was thinking of me and that why I dreamed about him!but I don't know if its true!I need a answer....
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Im just reading all these and most are similar. My situation is complicated. I dreamt about my crush. 

I wanted to tell him but couldn't since his seeing a girl here at work. I've been keeping my distance away from him, but he wrote me yesterday telling me he misses me so much and that he's thinking alot about me. I felt helpless...

I don't want to be a new situation to him when he is in one himself. But I like him, I think about him... but just can't have him. But otherwise, dreaming about him, happens when he is thinking about you too.

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Me too ive had dreams of my crush his name is xavier n all of dem are good dreams what I think you should do to find out is the next time you have a dream about some1 ask them if they were thinking about you ;d
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I don't think it is true,,coz there a lot of people they think about us but we have never dreamt about them... And if it happened it just happened by chance,,, the dreams are something we know just 20% about them,, it is one of mysteries of life
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No! A dream means you have had a dream. The mind can come up with all sorts of things that have nothing to do with the reality of life.

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