What Is Your Most Cherished Moment In Life?


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Stephen Antonelli Profile
My most cherished moment is when my now 6 year old boy was born. It almost eclipsed the first time I fell in love, which was to his mother. Even now I am typing with one hand while arm is around my boy who loves me very much.
nabwire scarlet Profile
nabwire scarlet answered
My most cherished moment is when my parents and friends were there when i needed them badly, and i thank them for that.
Aisha Profile
Aisha answered
The most cherished moment in my life was when I got married to my best friend and first love. We had been together for quiet some time and when we decided to get married my family did not agree. It was hard persuading them and getting married with their consent. But eventually we accomplished it and that is the most treasured event of my life.
Calla Profile
Calla answered
I am adopted. I was adopted when I was 9. Before that, I was going from foster home to foster home. My most cherished moment was when the foster parents whom loved like really parents told me they were adopting me.
Decode Girl Profile
Decode Girl answered
My dad was in a place which was facing a deadly disaster. My cherished moment was when he came back safe tly back to my home place. I thanked god for that.

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