What Does It Mean When You Dream About Some Who Is Dead That's Calling You?


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There are many reasons why you may suffer vivid and reoccurring dreams. Most of the time this can be put down to worry or anxiety. Thoughts and feelings may be dormant whilst you are awake or you might just be to pre-occupied during the day to notice such thoughts. When you relax during night time hours the brain remains active and these thoughts can be transmitted into your dreams.  Any type of dream occurs during rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep and not a deep and relaxed sleep. Unlike most dreams a nightmare can cause physical symptoms such as perspiration, flushed cheeks and a high pulse.
There are a few scientific theories associated with what causes certain dreams. Although there are many different assumptions made we really don't know exactly what triggers them.
A popular view of dreaming suggests that the causes of bad dreams particularly lie in the need to release stresses from the day. Traumatic life experiences can often be a key factor in the causes of some dreams that are related to the memory of the event. This might have been a death in your case which is making you have this dream.

Having a dream about someone who has died would suggest a recent death of a friend or family member or that you are struggling to cope with the loss of someone. Maybe you are not aware that the loss is troubling you while you are awake. Try to relax as much as possible before going to sleep. Take a hot bath or have a hot drink, anything that might cause you to have a deeper and more regulated sleep pattern. If the dreams persist it might be worth talking to a hypnotherapist who will be able to offer some advice on the problem.
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It means they are there with you and are speaking to you as if they were here in this world with you. They love you and will not hurt you so don't be afraid. Cherish the moments you have with them in your dream because soon enough when you wake you will feel a sense of content
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It mean that your loved ones is watching over you or is trying to send you sum kind of message in your dreams. I believed wen you have dreams of your loved ones that a good sign. That will tell you that he or she is watching over you.
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It simply means that they want you to pray for them or remember them or mourn for them.. Also there is a tine bit of a chance that they might not be a dream but that they might be reaching out for you.
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My father passed away a few months ago, and almost every night, I've had dreams about him. He and I were really close when he was alive, but after I had gotten married, I was only able to see him one week within a 6 year period, as my husband is in the army and we move a lot. I used to talk on the phone a lot with him during those 6 years, though. Most of my dreams are of my dad calling me on the phone and talking, but this last dream I had where he was calling, I knew he was dead, and I started crying. My dreams are the only chance I get to still spend time with my dad, and I hope to not stop dreaming of him, because I want to remember his voice, his laugh, his smile. I've dealt with the death of a loved one numerous times before in my life, but my dad's death is the hardest I've ever had to face.
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Communication I think, that they care about you, had dreams about 2 family members, but they never said anything. I think it was to let me know that they are okay.
My grandmother has just passed Feb 19. And every time I go to sleep I have a dream about her, not really all bad dreams but the las dream I had my whole family was there with her, she was at the hospital I think, couldnt really make it out but we all had a chance to say bye to her, but in real life we didnt get that chance she had been fighting heart disease for a long time and then she got a blood clot to her heart and the hospital told us she stopped breathing. So anyways my grandmother always told my mother that when she passed to make sure she took care of me, because she knew I would take it hard but I am ok for the most part accept like I said I keep dreaming her every time I go to sleep even to take a nap, even though I wasnt thinking of her when I go to sleep. This last dream I got to hold her hand and keep crying to my mom telling her, I didnt want to leave my grandmother but the nurse said it would be the next day she would pass and my grandmother was crying, I asked if I could stay the night with her but my mom didnt let me. My whole family said there goodbyes and I was the last one.
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When you dream of a person who was passed on it normally means that you are subconsciously concerned or thinking about them. When you dream they are talking to you it may mean that the person who has passed on is trying to communicate with you, or possibly warn you about an important event that may take place in your life. It could also mean that you felt a lack of communication with the deceased when they were alive so you talk to them in your through your dreams. On a simpler note it could be that death may have been a topic that was talked about or approached through the day and your brain has subconsciously picked it up.
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What is in the mind is like a movie.  It is a reflection of thoughts.  When you have a dream you are dreaming of what you are thinking about.  You must have this person somewhere inside of your mind.
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I think your daughter is waking you up because you are sick or suffering. Check your health. The lady on my property swore she saw a ghost. Every night at the same time the ghost would reappear. The business was owned by a group before her. They said they saw the same ghost. One day the girl's mother came into the business. The lady said she couldn't sleep because the ghost visited her. She asked her to describe her. Turned out it was the little girl's mother. She asked if she was happy. Her daughter died there. Knowing she was happy the ghost disappeared.

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