Why Do I Have The Same Dream Over And Over Again?


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There are many reasons why you may suffer vivid and recurring dreams. Most of the time, this can be put down to worry or anxiety.

Thoughts and feelings may be dormant whilst you are awake, or you might just be too pre-occupied during the day to notice such thoughts. Then, when you relax during night time hours, the brain remains active, and these thoughts can be transmitted into your dreams. 
Any type of dream occurs during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and not during deep and relaxed sleep. Unlike most dreams, however, a nightmare can cause physical symptoms - such as perspiration, flushed cheeks and a high pulse rate.

There are a few scientific theories associated with what causes certain dreams but, although there are many different assumptions made, we really don't know exactly what triggers them.

A popular view of dreaming suggests that the causes of bad dreams lie particularly in the need to release stresses from the day. Sigmund Freud believed that repressed or suppressed fears were the causes of dreams, particularly bad ones, and that they could be stopped using psychotherapy.

Traumatic life experiences can often be a key factor in the causes of some dreams that are related to the memory of the event.

Having the same dream over and over again would suggest a sub-conscious worry, or tension. Maybe something that is on your mind, but that you are not aware of, is troubling you.

Try to relax as much as possible before going to sleep. Take a hot bath, or have a hot drink -anything that might cause you to have a deeper and more regulated sleep pattern.

If the dreams persist, it might be worth talking to a hypnotherapist who will be able to offer some advice on the problem.
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I'm been studying dreams for a week or two, and there was a chapter in "The Universal Dream Key To The 12 Most Common Dreams" with a section about recurring dreams, which said that the reason you have then over and over again is because you haven't yet faced it - or because you haven't figured it out yet.

There was a tip the author said to use: Instead of running away from whoever is chasing you, run towards him, and change him into something good.

She said that the only way to stop being afraid of a dream is to change it into a good one, so instead of running away from something bad, you have to run towards something pleasurable.
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Yes, you can have the same dream, many times.

I know this because a lot of my dreams have been repeated, over and over.

I believe some dreams do mean something, and that you will keep getting that dream, until you have worked it out, or until the time has passed, and it is too late.
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I was told to always ask God if the dream is from Him. If is not from Him, ask Him to take it away, or if it is from Him, ask Him to reveal you what the dream means and what does He want you to do about it.
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I keep having a dream with different things happening, but it's always the same place with these creatures. They're cannibals and they keep trying to kill me and or take me hostage as a slave or something.  It's like their own little village that's a dried-out out river/creek.

My most recent encounter with this dream was that I was on the school bus and, since it's winter, we slid out of control and fell into a river and got stuck - with these crazies attacking the bus.

These dreams are really stressing me out!
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You're dreaming of the unobtainable and even when it becomes obtainable your fear gets in the way.

Literally, you're probably really scared of something you're faced with, an issue you're not addressing.

Esoterically, I couldn't tell you, as I believe that dreams are the brain's way of filing away the stuff that happens to you during the day.
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Maybe when you are dreaming the same dream over and over again, you seem to really want what you're seeing in your dream, sometimes it could even be a message to what may happen.

For example, I dream almost every night now, for some time, that I will kiss the boy I am in love with - and he told me just yesterday that he will make that come true when we meet this summer.
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I keep dreaming I have two kids, but I'm 13! And it's REALLY realistic and I've had it like three nights in a row so far...

I'm not sure what this OR your dream means! But it probably means you're afraid of something! Try to change it. I tried, but it's not as easy as it seems.
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I sometimes have the same dream, but it's spaced out - like in January I'll have it, then in February, then not in March, but again in April.

My dream is that me and my friends are going to a graveyard to see my gran who passed away. Then, when we get to the grave, a hand grabs us, and we all get sucked into this room where a witch is behind us, laughing while we sink into the sinking sand.

Then I can't remember how I escape, but my friends die and when it comes to see whether I'm going to die or not, I wake up...
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I experience the same thing... For example, playing drums, but the stool is too tall for me. Driving a car, but the gear shifts are out of reach... Pushing a stroller/buggy, and the handles are way too long...

I don't think the symbolism in dreams means much any more, but it's the recurring theme in dreams that tells us and our subconscious what we need to fix ourselves...
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Some say that dreams connect us to other worlds, such as the future and the world of the dead.

If you keep having dreams like this, it doesn't mean that anything is going to happen that you don't have the power to change.

The dream about walking through your neighbourhood could be a vision of the future, or it could mean you are fixing to go through some difficult times.

As for the baby, well I am not sure. Don't think too much into it and it will be fine.

Wishing you a happy life.
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Your dreams represent your subconscious thoughts and feelings. They can seem strange, but some are pretty easy to figure out. Personally, I've found that the easier a dream is to work out, the less it represents :( However, I think this same dream probably keeps coming back because you havent found a way to sort out those feelings or problems that are in your subconscious. 

You dont necessarily have to solve the problem; sometimes just working out what it is can stop the dream.

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Why Do I Have The Same Dream Over And Over Again......
Hello, I know the answer to your question. I had the same dream for 12 years, at least four times a week.

It really is no joke and it has to do with your coming here to earth. I know this sounds weird, but if your dream feels anything like mine, you will know what I mean.

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