Is A Scorpio Woman Compatible With A Virgo Man?


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EMILY SEN answered
This is a good match that can definitely lead to long-lasting love with a little care.

How compatible is a Virgo man and Scorpio woman?
  • You and the Virgo boy have a lot in common, and you complement each other's personalities.
  • You will have excellent conversations together, and you'll find that you agree about many of the things that you think are important.
  • You probably share many of the same values and opinions. He will be a little shy in the romance department. When it comes to physical stuff, he'll be happiest if you take the lead and set the pace - which is fine by you!
  • This can be a good friendship as well as a love that builds and grows. Be careful of a tendency to get defensive, because he can be a little picky. But he doesn't mean anything by it, and if you can relax a bit and see the good in him, this can be a happy match for you
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The Scorpio woman and the Virgo man

  • Scorpios don't want to open themselves up. They love an environment where nobody is there to ask them about anything. They want nobody to inquire of them in any regard. They feel uncomfortable if somebody talks to them about strange things. They are not that amiable. They are teasing in a sense.
  • Virgo is an individual with a keen mind. They think a lot and when they develop a friendship with a person then they avoid all other people. They try to be loyal to that single individual. Virgo is good to a person in many regards but they react strangely with others at this time.
Scorpio and Virgo can be an ideal pair if they learn how to compromise with one another. Both have a lot of negative qualities as compared with the positive ones. So it is better for them to manage with one another so they could make a best pair.
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Yes they are. In fact they are two of the best matched signs.
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Sorry, but don't believe in basing a lifetime together on the stars, because they might tell the husband and wife to break up one day when their stars don't line up - then where would the kids end up?
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Yes they will be good in the end. I'm not saying there won't be fights and some bad moments. But relationships go through this and if you to truly love each other then it will work in the end.
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I'm a Virgo, I think we are compatible with almost anyone.
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Jazzmin Virgosweetness
True so true the one sign we have the most issues with is sagittarius however my cousin is a virgo her husband is a sagittarius and they have been happily married for nearly 30 years and still going strong.
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I would say so because I have befriended a man who's a Virgo, and we have been friends for 3 years and it's getting deeper than friendship.
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Indeed if you can grab this man, girl, then go ahead 'cause this is a perfect match.

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