Is Leo A Perfect Match For Sagittarius?


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Well it's not perfect, but it certainly has bags of potential! This match should hit it off straight away, enjoying a passionate and fast-paced partnership, which could develop into something more permanent and meaningful.

Leo and Sagittarius
  • Both Leo and Sagittarius are born leaders and like to be in control of any situation. This is the main problem between these two. Over time they may learn to compromise on this shared trait, which will benefit the relationship as a whole.
  • Similarly these two love their independence, so finding common ground in this area of the relationship is also important. Both will need to understand each other's need for their own free time.
  • If these obstacles can be dealt with, then this relationship will certainly be harmonious. Both can work to nurture each other's pride and breakdown their insecurities. Both parties should mutually benefit from this exercise and this will grow them as characters. The Leo and Sagittarius will eventually learn to enjoy life together.
If they get it right these two could lay the foundations for a long-lasting, loving and exciting relationship that both will hold dear to their hearts.
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Perfection only exists in the spirit of human beings. As far as the physical reality, Sagittarius and Leo are definitely a great match. It can work wonders. It is in fact one of the best combinations for each other.

Both are extroverts and love to have fun. Sagittarius is more spontaneous and adventurous while Leo is more fixed. They appreciate routine and can sometimes not be the get up and go type. Regardless, Sagittarius provides much fun, challenge, sex, and friendship while Leo provides a solid ground for the long term run and still enjoys having fun. I know a male Leo woman/Sagittarius man relationship that has been going on for four years now.

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