I'm A Pisces Girl In Love With A Virgo Man. Are We A Match?


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Maud La Roux answered
Yes, you certainly are! The Pisces woman and the Virgo man is a great combination, as both partners will learn a lot from one another, which will make their relationship even stronger.

The Pisces woman admires and appreciates the intellectual capacity of her Virgo man, whilst he will cherish her love, care and empathy.

These two should not find it difficult to forge a meaningful relationship that could last for a very long time.

How compatible is a Virgo man with a Pisces woman?
  • The Virgo man is practical, realistic and somewhat pessimistic, whilst the Pisces woman is expressive, emotional and more of a optimist. These two fit together like a couple of well-crafted jigsaw pieces.
  • The Pisces woman craves freedom and chaos whilst he likes stability and order. This can create problems, but thankfully neither are too stubborn, so compromising shouldn't be an issue.
  • The Virgo man finds it very easy to open up and become more relaxed when he is around the Pisces woman and, in contrast, she will learn to cherish the stability and security that he brings to their relationship.
  • The water of Pisces and the earth of Virgo forms a very balanced partnership. The mixture of water and air always forms a very stable and mutually benefical relationship.
So, yes, Pisces - you have fallen in love with a Virgo man: Your perfect match.
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I'm in the same situation as you. To be honest, if he's that into you, you'll know it.
Some say Virgos don't show their emotional sides, but not all are the same. My Virgo shows it, a lot. We're opposites, so we each gain something from one another. Don't doubt him, just give it what you got, everyone deserves a chance.
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Missy Pendanski answered
Personally, I wouldn't really rely that much on your Zodiac Sign. If you like him, and he's not a jerk, and he seems right for you, then I think you should trust your instincts. But, we must all remember, if you get together with someone, and you are younger, you are probably not going to stay together.
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I don't really believe in that kind of stuff, not all people are the same, but it is up to you (and your heart) to know if you two are a match.
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A few months back I fell for a Virgo guy. He was good but unfortunately we didn't last.

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