What Books Of The Bible Are Missing ?


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Having been a Catholic and now choosing to serve God in a protestant church;I learned there are two or three books missing in the King James Bible compared to the Catholic Bible as I recall this happened when at the Geneva conference when doing the comparison of books in the Bibles it was believed by non Catholics the those books had no
cross referencing to the other books of the Bible and cross reference in Bible studying gives a certainty to times, sayings and events in the Bible.Also since the Dead Sea Scrolls have been found, even more so, ascertained the validity of the books of the King James Bible this is how it stands.Now do not get me wrong the so called missing books are lovely and I have read them but.....that is all I know and I am sure this is only a portion of the reasons. God Bless 2leah
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As far as I know, you can watch the history channel called "banned books from the bible". It will give you one source. On a further note. Back then the writers of the bible only put in things they wanted others to know even if it was the truth or not.
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None they are all present and accounted for as god wanted it, we have to keep in mind that God is able to preserve His word the way He wanted it, and not to think that there is something missing, just because there were other books that were written does not mean they were to be part of the (KJV) that we have right now .
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Well there are Christan religions that have Christan bibles but according to the Christian bible non of the books are missing
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There are no books of the bible missing we have 66 books and man can not truly study them then many others will send them MADDDD!
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Sorry to disagree with the point that you I asume you think that christanity is the only way. So what do you think of the other ways of thinking in the world, will they be condemed if they dont believe in that way. I have a question for you? If you think that under your god that we are all the children of, why is jesus held higher then others. Is this god choosing one over all others, and what about the people before jesus are they left out. I for one do not discount one belief over the other.

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