Where In The Bible Does God Speak About Spousal Abuse Or A Wife Treating Her Husband Badly And Without Respect?


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Dearest Guest, I researched my Blue Letter Bible and found 3 places in the New Testament that speaks directly on the topic you seek. Ephesians 5:22, 5:25, and in Collosians 3:18, 3:19, and again in 1 Peter verses 3:1, and 3:7, if this has been of help to you , please click on a star next to RATE THIS QUESTION, this would be of help to me and greatly appreciated. I loved your Q....*p
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Though I do now know for sure, I would trust our friend Pencil on this one. I just wish I had a bible here where I am at now, because then I would know if it was accepted back then or not. Regardless or not, it isn't right.
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The bible speaks about a striker a striker is one who hits or abuse a person 1Timothy 3:1-6; Ephesian 5:21-25; Colossians 3:18
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Ephesians 5:22 –33 ,  Peter 3:7,Proverbs 10:12, 14 ,Eph 5:25,Col 3:19.. Here are a few the same goes for husband and wives in the bible so if it says husbands it also applies to the wife also . Hope this helps !

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