Do You Feel Comfortable Telling Others About Your Faith?


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Call me Rae..? answered
Yes, I do. I am a Christian and I would shout it to the world. When I go out to eat with my family, I am most definitely not ashamed to bow my head and join the prayer. All of my friends know that I am a Christian.
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ari answered
I love to tell people about god when i have a chance because nobody knows when jesus is coming back so i want to help as many people as possible. When i grow up i am going to rwanda africa to tell people about jesus
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I really don't even give it a second thought. I've been a born again Christian for many years and if the Holy Spirit has taught me only one thing it's that I AM NOT ASHAMED OF JESUS!! The TRUTH i know would be doubted if i felt uneasy sharing it. How can i be uncomfortable unless i'm ashamed or embarrassed? I don't go running around slapping people up side the head with my 50 pound Bible but when nudged by the Holy Spirit or if someone asks - in any circumstance - i'm ready to share my faith. You put a gun to my head and tell me to deny Christ? I'll tell you "Jesus forgives you and so do I".
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carol washington
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Great answer. The Spirit will guide you, if you let it. I think sometimes we put to much thought into what to say and not enough thought into why we are saying it. Thanks for your response as always it is uplifting.
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I am not ashamed of my faith in jesus christ !  In fact when i let people know i believe in jesus christ . I don't care about the reaction , because when i tell of his goodness and mercy , grace i am filled with an awesome power that is overcoming and lifts me up  high above anything on earth.
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Of Course if there is no shame in me and in faith which I believe why should I be ashamed, shame is a product of the enemy and not of God and it is the will of the enemy to make one ashamed so one will not proclaim the word.
Shame also comes because of fear of not being able to defend the faith, but the word of God needs no defender it defends itself and is pure truth.
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I'm an Integrational Polytheist, and I worry about harassment from people who attempt to convert me to whatever religion they practice. I mean, my faith is right for me, and someone else's faith is right for them. I don't mind discussing differences of opinion, so long as it's in a civil manner (as in, no proselytizing).

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