If The Quran Forbids Interfereing With Other Religions Right To Practice Their Religion Because They Believe Theirs Is The Supreme Religion(belief In Allah) Then Why Do They Ban The Practice Of The Jews To Pray On The Temple Mount In Jerusalem.?


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Listen a lot of Christians have trouble understanding the true context of the Bible just look at gays or females rights within the Church.
As do muslims have trouble understanding the true context of the Quran.
And one thing is for sure whatever publication you have been reading certainly cant be trusted on what is said and meant in the Quran as what you have said is NONSENSE Mohamed believed in the right to practise in any religion and believe in any God that any one person wanted to.
Even during the days of the Crusade  different religions got on much better than they do now and if you really wanted to study the Bible and the Quran the amount of common ground and protaganists mentioned in both books would surprise you.
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You can not deny what has happened in the past. The muslims have banned the jews from praying on the temple mount .so the quran/muslims/doctrine does not apparently hold true in this case...the article i found this in was from wikipedia from historical articles/news...so "mohamed" his followers must not believe his teachings.or they would leave the temple mount to the jews of jerusalem.so they must be breaking their own belief system(the words of allah)in Allah....right? /wrong?
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Havnt the Jews technically banned 1.1 million muslims for their right of passage to pray at Mecca by imprisoning them in Gaza? 64 land borders surround them.
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Wikepedia is a fantastic on line tool for knowledge however it is open to abuse as anyone can add their own articles to the site though of late it is watched over.
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Realistically governments and certain movement groups use peoples faith to get what they want.  The Koran and the bible are basically the same thing just altered and interperated differently.  If you make people do things, because you say it is written (which means it's the way you interpretate it) people follow because they don't have the ambition to read and make there own decisions.  That's why they pay a pastor to tell them what there supposed to believe.  If only people would think logically instead of faithfully we could probably stop a lot of nonsense in todays world.
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I agree with both of the posts above. The sad fact with any doctrine of belief is that it can be twisted and misinterpreted to fit whatever the "believer's" personal perception of morality is. Both the Qur'an and the Bible sternly express the doctrine of, "Thall shalt not kill." And yet look in the news today and in the history books (and in the scriptures themselves) out how many people of been killed in the name of God. It's the same reason that people who "follow" Christ, a man so taught "love thy neighbor" can justify their bigotry, racism, and hate for other human beings. It is not the religion's fault, the respective writers of these tomes I believe had the best intentions. The blame sadly falls on the shoulders of man.

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