Do All Muslims Believe In The Islam Religion And Do All Practice The Same Belief System Throughout The World?


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Yes indeed all muslims practice the same belief system with some minor differences.There is a unified belief system regarding the concept of God,day of judgement,life after death and many more.Even that minor differences are mainly political and regarding minor affairs of day to day life but yes there is indeed unity over vast number of beliefs among Muslims throughout the world.
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All Muslims believe and profess the same basic religious beliefs of the Islam religion. However, within the Muslim community as in all communities of people, some individuals and groups of people, adhere to different beliefs, also.

The Islam Religion was founded by an Arabian camel driver, Mohammad. He was distraught over the absence of religious morality among his people. In 610 AD in response to a revelation from Gabriel, he professed Allah as the one true god. Mohammad began to spread the message of Gabriel through Islam, which spread by way of Mohammad's military conquests.

The basic beliefs of Islam practicing Muslims are found in the Qur'an (Koran) and the writings and teachings of Mohammad.

There are five main beliefs of Islam called the Five Pillars.These are: Daily recitation of Shahadah; Prayer five times daily; Giving Alms; Fasting during Ramadan and Going to Mecca once in a lifetime.

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