Do You Feel That Christians Force Their Religion On Others Who Dont Believe In This Religion?


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No, I don't think Christians try to "force" anything. They certainly will spread God's Word for you to hear if you want to listen, but they do not force anyone to believe or say or do anything. Why is it that people are always pointing to the Christian's? They are not the only religion that try to spread around the word of their God. What about Mormon's, Jehova witness's, Scientologists???  Basically, every religion there is try to push their belief system on others, not just Christians. I remember plenty of times over the years when Jehova witness's came knocking on my door over and over and over again with their Watch Tower pamphlets, barely allowing me to shut my own door, but I have never once ever experienced or heard of a Christian doing this.
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Ethan Graham
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I totally agree with you...

I think this is because there are so many more Christians and they just end up being the target.
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I think you're right. The majority are christians, and people are just not satisfied until they are provoking hatred or trying to stir problems for others. Unfortunately, that's just the way human nature is turning. Very sad.
Rowena Camartin
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Absolutely right , christians don't really force anybody, they're just spreading th word of God , and following what God tells them to do
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True Christians are not supposed to "force their views on others". We are supposed to teach, and allow people to follow.  If someone is forcing their views on you, then they are not acting in their faith.
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Yes but some people believe that just because a christian tells a person this that it is considered as forcing do you think so???
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People tell me alot of things that I don't want to hear. I simply walk away and/or tell them that I am not interested. At least Christians don't go knocking door to door like Jehova witness's sticking their foot in your door and continue talking even while the door is closing. Now that is more like forcing something on someone!
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As Christians God has commanded us to tell the world about Him- the Gospel Of Jesus
We are just obeying God.
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I think christian try not to force it but to show what is a man of GOD and ask to break down the bible and till me what true
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I remember when I first gave my life to Christ back in the early seventies. I was so on fire for God that I tried too hard to get others to believe what I believed, to have what I had. For the first few months or so it was a time of trial and frustration for me. Yes, in the beginning I would try to force (compel I think would be closer) someone and when they walked away it would cause me stress, sorrow, frustration, incredulity, and once in a while even indifference. I'm sure not proud of my Christian love or patience during those times (maybe I'm just confessing now!). But I did learn. With the help of other believers, praying about it, and Scripture, I began to slow down, back off, and allow God to lead me to someone or bring someone to me. There's a time and a place for preaching it in the street or shouting it from the rooftop. Over the years God has had me do that a time or two. But I've come to learn that other than grabbing onto opportunities to share on the offense (by that all I mean is taking the initiative), I simply try to live my life as best I can and allow others to see my smile in tough times, my happiness with the little I have, my altruistic behavior with others, and so on. When I began to 'witness' this way, I was really suprised by how many people came to me and asked why I was so happy?, how do I do it?, etc. I actually shouln't have been surprised because Jesus Himself said "you shall know them by their fruits". Nowadays I'm happy that others can see the fruits of my faith. There's no need to force anything on anyone.
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Very true but some time i it help to till them what the bible say and plant a seed. Some time you plant a seed in bad ground it won't grow and some time it is in good round and it will grow the point is that christian don't force people to go there way we just plant the seed and ask to go are way just as there are good seed and there bad seed but really who know witch one grow we don't force a seed to grow we just plat it and water it and hope it grow
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Christians cannot accept the fact that others are just as moral, kind, and loving as they profess to be.  Don't tell me that I need Jesus when I tell you that I have as strong a faith in my Goddess as you have in your deity.  Live and let live and judge me by my actions, not  my  personal religious beliefs.  Mine work for me as You seem to believe yours work for you.
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I don't believe that Christians are forcing their religion on anyone. Christians are doing their job to bring others into the house of the lord. All they can do is tell the goodness of the lord, and it is up to the person to accept the invitation to come to the church.
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Yes, there are a lot of Christians who force their beliefs on others. I'm quite sure they mean well, but it can be perceived as rude. Having said that, I have recently met a few lovely Christians who do not force their beliefs at all and as a result conversations about Religion with them lead me to ask questions about their faith without feeling like I am being preached to.

Also, I sometimes feel that some Christian people I have make assumptions about my morals in regards to sex, based purely on the fact that I am not Christian. I really care about a Christian man, but I am quite sure he doesn't see me as girlfriend/wife material based on assumption. *sigh*
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Everyone is different and has a different aproach on evangelism. I personally as a christian don't feel its right to force my opinion because that isn't showing love or patience. But it is stereotypical to think all christians force the religion on others, but I understand where you are coming from..I struggle to break that label everyday and I choose to approach non christians with love, sincerity, and patience. Just as Jesus would. :)
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Yes. I know that many of them don't,  but in my life I have experienced a lot of pressure from Christians and have been told many times by many different people that I am going to hell because I don't believe in God. I think that a lot of Christians just think that they are spreading the word of God which they believe they are meant to do, but I think that they don't realise how pushy they sound to other people. Sometimes it's just a case of them not knowing when to call it quits, but sometimes they do it deliberately and know that people don't like it and just say "I'm just spreading the word of God like a good Christian should" as an excuse for their behaviour.

I want to make it clear, though, that I know they are not all like this. But based on the experiences I have had in my life I hope people can see why I don't have a very good opinion of religion and religious people, particularly Christianity. I am trying to be more open-minded now that I am older and understand more why they do this.

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No. That is simply their way of saying good luck basically. I do not believe in god yet I read the bible because it has some valuable lessons in it.
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You're right. I have stated this also. The Bible has alot of valuable bits of wisdom all over it, regardless of your race or creed. (I gave you a 5, but didn't bring it up much.)
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NO Christians force non believers.

But as Christians we must spread the word of Jesus' teachings!
BUT we do not force anybody to believe in any form for that matter.
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As a Christian,I have never hit people over the head with my Faith.However,I have had Plenty Of people try to Force their Secular Views On Me.
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Some people do, and some people do not. I think (that) person it actually telling you what they may do in a similar situation. It is VERY hard to have faith and believe, but once you have prayed (A good book: Prayers that avail much) It has prayers for just about everything. And you know in your heart what is right & wrong, God does not condem you, but usually you will usually feel the condemnation within yourself.In my early years, trust me I sowed my wild oats. But looking back at the friends I "thought" I had were only around when I had the money to party. And I am a very giving person. So when I stopped footing all the partying, Guess what.....YEP...NO FRIENDS. But my Christian friends I now have, love me no matter if I am sad,mad,depressed and yes even if I have sinned. I try not to force religion on to anyone, unless they want to know, but at the same time, I have the right to tell them I don't like to hear God D..M, F..k and all the other faul language, obviously they have no respect for others or themselves.

I hope this helped,
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NO " I believe some of us that are christians just want you to know the love of JESUS CHRIST , and some of us are aggressive and some are assertive while they are witnessing to others but I don't think they want to push their beliefs on you , because even JESUS CHRIST  gives us all free will.
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In a way, xians do force their religion on others. They do no physical force, but force of the mind. Psychic vapirism is practiced by xians all over the world, telling young children they would be subjected to eternal suffering in exchange for acting upon the natural desires of man. (More commonly known as the 10 Commandments). By spoiling the minds of children, they are convinced that there is no other option other than this "loving" god.
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It really depends on the Christian.

Some of my best friends are Christian, and have never tried to convert me, but there is a girl who keeps trying to get me to go to Bible study and Church with her, even though I keep telling her I'm not interested.

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A true christian doesn't really force non-believers ( it's just how people see them)

And being a christian means you're not perfect, means that you have needs & wants, being a christian means that you're not contented with your life, cuz there's still missing in your life; and that missing piece is God the Father & His Son Jesus Christ.

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No I don't think so
they work hard for peoples in trouble without any charge only for humanity like Madar Teresa in India so peoples who got that help may b turn to christ

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