If You Had The Power To Be Anyone In The World Right Now Who Would You Choose To Be?


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Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Why would I want to be anyone else?  I've worked for
54 years to be the way I am...short, over-weight,
in glasses and all.  I wouldn't mind being in a different
situation than I am now.  I'm not saying that here's no
room for personal improvement, but I'd not care for any
major overhauls (plastic surgery, body shaping).   
All and all, I don't want to be rich or famous (or infamous),
I just want to be able to help those I love.  Winning the state
would just about do the job.  ;~)
Timothy Smthg Profile
Timothy Smthg answered
I would like to be Al-Qaeda's leader, for a day...I would explain to them what they are doing is wrong, and why.
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Anonymous answered
Well, if I couldn't be myself, I would want to be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson because he is very popular in acting, and has a TON of movies, he is very popular in the wwe, he is very well known, is in VERY good shape, is filthy rich, and...is still young too!
Justin Darkly Profile
Justin Darkly answered
Self appointed leader of the world with full domination over the economy. I would restructure the entire world into a global market that benefited all as equally as possible. I would pass laws that restricted profit from being made on technology that harmed the planet. I would pass laws that restricted any agency that attempted to exploit any environmental law. I would develop an international law, that trumps all laws in all countries (This includes the US... Especially the US). Any country that didn't respect the international law would have ALL trade cut off.

It would be a dictatorship.. Haha except I wouldn't be hurting the people. My changes would only be geared toward helping the planet and helping the people and restricting governments and those who exploit the weaker for profit.
eli Profile
eli answered
I will  chose myself since i know behind the person i was trying to become will always be me.
Ady Mat Profile
Ady Mat answered
It would be better if I chose to be myself otherwise I will create a lot of mess I am pretty sure. Like if I chose to be god this whole universe system can go topsy-turvy. As only god himself can do best in this world. We can only do something better.
Hello Boss Profile
Hello Boss answered
I would choose to be GOD and clean this world up very quickly.
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Anonymous commented
So ur sayin' God's not doing a good enough job?lolz humanz got us/themselvez in2 this mess..y shoud God help?
John commented
Debossman : I guess i could have said i would be the person that gets the message across to all peoples before it's to late. : )
Vin Ravun Profile
Vin Ravun answered
Sachin Tendulkar or Lionel Messi.
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Anonymous answered
I think it would be interesting to step into others' shoes, just to see what their life is like and have new experiences. At the end of the day, though, I'd just want to be myself.
Steven Vakula Profile
Steven Vakula answered
I would be me however I wouldn't mind the ability to place myself in a similar situation as some other people might have the good fortune to be living. Such as suddenly having the island in the South Pacific or that mansion on the hill or that car. Even perhaps having a similar lifestyle or profession. Not to replace them but to have of my own to experience as I only could.
Gene wright Profile
Gene wright answered
WTH happened?  Did I check on a love thread or what?
I wouldn't need any powers, except to have one(1) wish.
Does that count?
John Profile
John answered
"if" i could choose for myself right now.my body would be where ever it would be after i was gone(mixed in a can of yellow paint and sprayed down the center of old route 52 in kentucky) and i would be in paradise with my maker. "if" i could choose right now.this world has nothing to offer compared to heaven or the new jerusalem,God's kingdom on earth.
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I'd like to be the lover of a certain female porn actress, of whom I'm highly enamored.

No, I won't mention her name, ever.
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If I had that power I would still retain my personality but have the influence of someone very wealthy but not well known. Like a member of one of the 7 family's that own the world through the monetary systems lol
Mary Ann Cassidy Profile
We never really know what's going on in the lives of others.Many wealthy people have relationship problems, drug addictions, gambling problems, etc. Therefore, I would be who I am .  I don't want to take any chances!
Mark Brookshire Profile
Mark Brookshire answered
LoL, I would pick Justin Timberlake, so I could beat the living !#@$ out of myself then go back to my normal self...Love to see his impression when he says, "What Happened?"...
Ohhh!!! Sorry...Was It suppose to be a nice answer??? I could have said Miranda Kerr...HaHaHa...
Monica Smith Profile
Monica Smith answered
I would just want to be me. Don't take this the wrong way...but to me, I am better then everyone else and this is why. Nobody else in this world will ever view and interpret the world as I do. They will never experience things the way I do...and its the same the other way around, I will never be able to view things from another persons perspective. So of course my own way is better then everyone. LOL!!! =)
Hanyuu Furude Profile
Hanyuu Furude answered
I would not want to be anyone but me, I mean once I wished I was someone else, I probably wouldn't like it, and then I'd want to change back and what would happen if I couldn't. Like they all say: "The grass is greener on the other side." Which is true, but once you get to the other side...you don't like it. So I'll stick with myself.
Thanks for the question Sassy :) I love it when people ask questions like this.
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Kk polly answered

A Korean pop star or an Olympic gymnast or wealthy soccer player. :)

But I kind of think my life is pretty fabulous, and I'd like to remain me.

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Jose Mourinho for his wittiness and Barack Obama, everybody wishes they can govern a country someday.

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