Have You Had Your Fortune Told Other Than A Fortune Cookie?


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Before I followed Christ, I experimented with a variety of fortune telling. I'd dabbled in tarot, other card reading, astrology, palm reading, as well as the 'everyday' horoscopes in the newspaper. I thought it was just a lark... And what IF it was true!    As a Christian, I have chosen to follow God and to rest in His wisdom, and to not trust in my own understanding. This doesn't mean I turn my mind off... But it does mean that I have found someone who has proven themselves to be much more wise than I am.    In Deuteronomy, God lists the 'detestable ways' of the nations around Israel. He speaks of people who practice "divination or sorcery, interpret omens, engage in witchcraft, or cast spells, or who are medium or separatist, or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord"(Dt 18:10-12).    This is not to say that I do not believe in a spirit world, but rather that the Bible teaches that there is a real spirit world, full of "powers and authorities". Who is 'speaking' to us when we consult a fortune teller? When we use one, are we putting our trust in them instead of in God? If there ARE real spirits, then it is not a harmless game.    This is not to say that no one else should use a fortune teller. We all must make our own choices on who we serve or honour. We should remember though, that our choices have repercussions, and we should choose carefully.    If you say that Jesus Christ is your Lord, you should trust in him alone and keep honestly to what he teaches.    To Robbie...  I'm giving an honest and complete answer, trying not to leave things open to misunderstanding. I'm sorry if I don't avoid topics that trouble you, now please stop stalking me ;)
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Sure. I love getting my fortune told - why not? Lighten up, enjoy all life has to offer. Getting your fortune told is not anti-religious - it's just done in fun. Everyone is too serious these days. And the question you asked was "is it right to know your future beforehand". That question presumes that fortune telling is correct and real when actually it's a shot in the dark, we really don't know if it will come true or not.
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I don't know if it's right to have your future predicted. If you pay for this, you most likely will be lied to. I've had my fortune told by a psychic. And none of it came true. However, the best prediction I got was ten years ago by a friend who was a clairvoyant and charged me nothing. She told me things that I never thought would happen. She predicted that I'd go into medicine instead of writing, which I never thought would happen. But it did. And I'm practising medicine now. Something I never imagined myself doing in a million years.
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My husband was murdered some years back, and  a good friend of mine, 'Woodstock' read my cards for me. I got to tell you, she had names, times, faces, places..... Here it is 7 years later.... That girl was so on the money, that it makes my hair stand up!!!! She reads cards, she can tell you immediate future, or distant. Her persona is a hippie- gypsy. I am so glad that she told me those things, as it kinda helped me deal not only with the loss, but with the reasonings of it all. I gave her a set of tarot cards that were based on Camelot. She treasures them immensely and will only use them for her own personal read. That honors me, although I'm not sure why I feel that way. There are a lot of people that like to believe that they have the "seeing eye", But only a few truly have the gift 'tuned' in. I am in awe of my friend, "Woody" that does.
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I had my fortune told when I was 13 and my grandmother was right on target. She used to read tea leaves and coffee grounds...she was always right. I married at the age she said I would and the description of the man who I married was right on. It was cool. I miss her so much.
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Are you sure you didn't do those things because your grandmother told you that you would?
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Absolutely..otherwise I would not have lost two children (died), had 3 miscarriages, and divorced before I married the man of my dreams.
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No, I don't believe in fortune tellers, they're against my religion
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Hi Darkangel1. Though I have never visited a fortune teller I can say that I did what I felt was right and remembered all the lessons my grandmother and dad taught me, and my life turned out wonderful!

If you go to a fortune teller, or anyone else with something to say to or about you with or without knowing you, you are likely to try to live up or down to what they say. Why bother? Just be the absolute best you that you can be through all the ups and downs and all will be good.

Good luck and have a WONDERFUL day!!
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Everytime, when I go to a Chinese restaurant in UK, I always get fortune cookie afterwards, but its not real chinese custom. You never get one in the restaurant in China. Back to your question, I  had a fortune telling when I was 16. It said I would marry someone who is very rich.  I have a gorgeous boyfriend but not rich, but who knows? When I get married, I will tell if its true or not.
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Well - I've had my fortune read loads of times, and it's always different! Once I was going to have 6 children....another time I was going to have 4 children. The last time, I went to someone who was recommended to me and she told me some very specific things, for instance that a particular person in my life was going to die within the next year (that did not happen), and that I was going to have huge money problems (true, but nothing to do with the amount she charged me for the reading!). I don't think you ever really KNOW your future beforehand and you certainly shouldn't believe a fortune teller - even good ones get it wrong sometimes! Just treat it as fun, not reality. I could say to you 'you're going to marry twice' and then what? Would you marry someone you didn't like, just to get the first one over and done with? Would you spend your whole married life waiting for it to fall apart? I now predict that I'm going to make a cup of tea...(this will come true)
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In my first year of college I had a fortune read that was nearly spot on. It described me to the tee and predicted how my future should turn out. I did this with three other friends. The psychic had one condition. We couldn't talk to each other until we were done.
      She saved and printed out what she said for each of us and when the last person was done. We all felt like she was dead on. Then she said share with each other what she wrote. It was exactly the same for each of us. We were all floored. She told us that it is so easy tell anyone anything about the present and future and they will want too believe so much that they will find what is write what she said.
I guess there maybe a few real talents out there. But most are just telling people what they want to hear whether its good or bad.
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It's not right or wrong. It's according to you. Only you.

I feel that it's fine but I would do it. I'd prefer to let things go as they are. Fortunes that are told to you affect your decisions no matter what. Even if you ignore it, your actions will change...
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Wow, you sound like a intelligent woman to me! Many people would even ask or question this! BRAVO! WELL DONE! At the end of the day if they can or can not forsee the future. It is still advice and it is up to you if you wish to carry these actions out. For yourself alone!! GOOD FOR YOU LOVE! I wish you bright blessings :)
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I have often tried various ways of knowing about my future and I have yet to see a prophecy come true. I believe, these things should not be taken seriously for a number of reasons:
1) if God wanted you to know your future he would have handed you the schedule sheet for your life. See, there is a purpose, why we do not know about our future, because then human beings would not strive to be better. It's simple human nature that when you don't know the results you work hard in the hope of a reward (monetary of non-monetary) at the end. But if we knew about the future, then we would simple sit back and see how things go and in doing so we quit trying to change our luck.
2) hand readings: It has been scientifically proven that the line in your hands change after a certain time period.
3) if these things were true, more than 90 percent of our world would have given up and lost hope
4) 80 percent of the world would be depressed
5) more than 60 percent would not be able to bear it if they knew their future.
The thing is that we as mortal beings can simply not know more than the God (who is immortal, who know the past, present and the future), so if He decides it is better for us not to know our future, He certainly is right. If everybody got to know about there future, most of them could not bear it, and many would lose hope. Human beings are living on a hope, and knowing about the future destroys all hope.
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I've done the Tarot Cards and a friend did my chart a long time ago. It was just for fun. I don't remember what I was told, because I don't believe one's future can be determined. Even if we think we know what it is, it doesn't mean we wouldn't try to change something we didn't like. I think that believing one's future is set in stone can ruin a life if one becomes submissive to it.
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Shock and surprise... Yes I have had my fortune told to me... And using tarot cards... Which I happen to be very good with, I have told others. Sometimes happen the way they are described sometimes they don't. What I've noticed a lot of people fail to understand is that by having your future looked at alters it because now you know it. Say you were out of work and went to a fortune teller and they told you to expect a great offer in a week or so. You go home and sit on your laurels waiting for the offer that never comes... But if you hadn't known what was supposed to have happened, you would have diligently continued putting your resume out there and then had the offer. The future is a very fluid "animal"... It is all about choices and consequences.

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