Is it time to put an end to the alleged nonsense perpetrated by the News of the World?


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The latest phone hacking allegations to come out in relation to the Milly Dowler case are a sign that the 'traditional' printed press is being constantly and consistently outgrown by advances in social media and technology, as they look to increasingly audacious means of information capture.

If these alleged incidents come out as true, then it is truly a dark day for the News International, the tabloid news, and British press as a whole. I believe we could be seeing the start of a historical decline in the power of news corporations, as people lose trust and faith in their messages through their never ending cycles of bafflingly immoral behaviours.

The current allegations suggest HIGHLY illegal actions, as so-called 'private investigators' in effect altered the way in which a police investigation was carried out with the alleged deletion of voicemail messages, not to mention the great distress imposed on the families of all involved.

I would urge anyone and everyone to boycott the NotW, at least until more light is shed on this current situation.

The fact that then editor Rebekah Brooks is now Murdoch's chief excecutive in the UK is a scary one, as she no doubt practices a steely 'deeply shocked' face in a mirror somewhere.

May update this as more of the story comes to light. Seriously questioning the validity of the press, and surprised (although, not THAT surprised) it's not splashed all over the media. As I sit here listening to 6 Music, I'd much rather Sean Keaveny was discussing it than learning one liners with Tim Vine.

Anyway, rant over, I'm supposed to be moderating the site. Back to work!

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I wont be buying any Sunday newspaper i think the News of the World is the tip of the iceburg,some advertisers have already pulled out,they have had to much power +money for far to long its all down to greed +lack of morals,ms Brookes should resign,and the fact that she says she was on holiday on two occasions when this happened is a cop out the buck stops with her,
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Exactly as the red-top media aren't exactly founts of knowledge at the best of times.It beats me how the NotW manages to stay in business, let alone be profitable after the libel actions,  alleged phone hacking scandal and the "fake Sheikh" debacle that have beset the newspaper.
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There ought to be some seriously powerful legal sanction for what is actually anti social behaviour, as well as being pretty despicable.

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