Will closing the News of the World finally put an end to the worst sort of tabloid excesses?


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Hilary Newton Profile
Hilary Newton answered
After sunday it is no more,the head of the snake will be gone,
Janey Profile
Janey answered
Yep i think both the NoW and Rebekah Brooks should be given their marching orders as this phone hacking scandal is the latest in a long line of fiascos that include the Fake Sheikh scandal.The newspaper has been beset by libel actions through it's journalism and it's the red-top press operating at its very worst.There has to be some form of sanctions levied on the NoW starting with Brooks collecting her P45.She must take some of the collective responsibility, although changing the totem won't resolve this issue.
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Nope since there will still be some kind of magazines that will publish made up stories.
Eleanor jones Profile
Eleanor jones answered
I think that other newspapers ,although all are  quilty of underhand reporting, will have to be more careful now and also the NOTW  has always been the worse dirt dragger of them all  in my opinion.

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