I had a dream about dating a stranger and in the dream I was totally in love with him we were kissing and holding hands. Could this be from a past life or maybe the future? We seemed so in love!


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John McCann answered

No, as it is a present life dream and we have no evidence of anyone having past lives and certainly not any evidemce of future lives.

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Rain Ungert , http://dreamsabout.net/stranger.html, answered

I know personally a person who sees future in hes dreams. Hes subconciousness always analyzes his life and gives suggestion on events going to be. This doesn't mean he sees the future, but sees events most likely to happen.

Strangers in your dream represent hidden/surpressed aspects of yourself. According to dream experts, every face you see in your dream is not new, you have met them in some point of your life. Try to remember what that person looked like, what was hes personality and find common ground.  This could be the aspect of your own personality that your subconciousness thinks you need to improve

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