I had a dream last night...about a dream ..and in tht dream i was dreaming..and tht dream i was dreaming and so on...what does this mean? 8)


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It means that you have gone mad....:P
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It means it's time for you to wake up .  ^_^ .
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Addilynn Addilynn
Hmm thank you...but how do i wake up even if i want too?
Don Moran
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Just imagine the feeling of being back in the physical body. Call on Spirit for help. Your Dream Guide is always watching over you. Turn this into a Loving Experience. In dreams, you are free to explore greater worlds. Take advantage of this opportunity and ask to go see someone or experience someplace that will Enlighten you. Blessings...
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Don Moran , Has made a life study of the Mystical side of life.., answered

A dream within a dream means that Spirit is trying to tell you something very important.  The repeat experience of waking up, is to enforce the message onto you, so that you will remember it.  What is it you were dreaming about?  As SOUL, we explore different levels thru dreams and often, as we return to the body, we wake up on these different levels, like when we're on an elevator that stops on various floors on the way down to the lobby (earth).  Keep a journal of your dreams...you'll find that you can get answers and insights that will really astound you and help guide you in making life's decisions.  Good luck and BLESSINGS!!

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It means there is something you are trying to escape in life and you keep going to dream after dream to try to get away from it. There is either a problem or something confusing you.
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It meens you were dreaming about a dream that you were dreaming about a dream you were dreaming and so on, hope there aint no speeeling mistakes.lol
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It means your tired. BUT, it also means that you saw something like a puzzle and that twisted your brain a little bit so yea. XD last time that hapened to me I woke up on the floor screaming -.-* I'm not weird, it was just a bad dream. SET YOUR ALARM CLOCK ON EXTRA LOUD TO WAKE UP or tell yourself in the dream like I do.
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Anastasiya Lymaryeva
Oh! Well good luck finding 20 tuba players that agree to wake u up in ur room for the morning. -.- Also, u have to pay for them plus tax. Adn their taxi fares to get to ur house and so on....
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Is it a dream or a repeating rifle ?
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It means you want to sleep all the time and never wake up.
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It probably means Leonardo DiCaprio performed an Extraction. Make sure you can recall all of your good ideas.

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