Why am I always the monster that chases and or kills people in my dreams?


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Do you have a lot of anxiety?
Dreams come from your subconscious so you need to ask yourself if something's bothering you.

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Killing in dreams refers to stress and anger, it symbolizes the desire to "make someone go away"

If you say you see them always, then how often ? Throughout your life?

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Corrine St. Clair
It is always different people, often ones I do not know. I've had these dreams for at least eight years and I am always some sort of creature. What frightens me is that in the dream, I enjoy what I do.
Rain Ungert
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Take subconsciousness as your best friend that isn't you but knows you well enough to give you an advice. If you kill random people it could be the anger towards yourself that you need to stand-up more for youself.

Bottom line is that if you have been seeing these dreams for years then you should not come to forums for answers. Get a professional to analyze your dreams because this can't be solved without direct contact with you
Corrine St. Clair
Thank you for the advice. I have been seeing a professional since I was eight years old; progress is slow. Guess there's just a lot of damage.
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I agree with Rain on the idea that your subconscious might be trying to communicate something here.

Yes, seeing a pro will help you work through your dreams on a more detailed level - but I think there's also plenty of information and advice on the internet that you can use to empower yourself through knowledge...

I've done a bit of searching and reading to understand the key elements of your dream - and this is a theory I've come up with:

Why am I the monster in all my dreams?

The key to understanding this dream in particular is that seeing yourself as a monster or "destroyer" is your mind's way of reconciling that which you're experiencing/have experienced in real life - and that which your mind feels you need to do.

The second key is that death in a dream isn't necessarily a bad thing - it often represents a new beginning. The end of one thing, the start of another.

In this context, one interpretation could be that your mind feels like you need to wipe the slate clean, effect sweeping changes in your life.

It has identified many people or situations in your life that you need to hit the "reset" button on - but because you aren't doing that in your life, your mind is trying to balance things out by challenging the issues you haven't addressed in reality.

It is portraying you as a monster, a great destroyer, something to be feared and obeyed - because your subconscious yearns that ability to affect drastic change and to control and remove obstacles.

Although the act of killing is a violent one, in the context of a dream it is not necessarily born out of anger or hatred. In most cases it is actually vulnerability and frustration - the ability to see the problems in your everyday life, but the inability to change them.

This is just my interpretation based on what you've told me, and I'd really like to know whether any of this makes sense to you or if it's way off the mark?

Either way, good luck!

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Corrine St. Clair
Your theory does make sense to me and when I apply it to my life it does seem reasonable. I do have issues with who holds the power in my life so the exhilaration of the strength I hold in my dream is applicable. Thank you for doing such research on my problem.
Yo Kass
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No problem, it was very interesting to learn about dream symbolism along the way!

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