What Does It Mean If You Always Have Bad Dreams? Either Your Being Chased Attacked, Cheated On Or Something Else Of That Nature?


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There's nothing to worry about these dreams...  Generally dreams are small bits and pieces of whatever you went through throughout the day ar may be resent past..... Something might have left and lasting impression on you mind that might be haunting you..... Not sure though.... Never be bothered about dreams, once you wake up its the end to it.... Nothing serious here trust me.... I was in Pharmacology for more than 2 years before what I'm doing now... :)
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I think it's by stress because when you think about something before you go to bed it sticks in your brain so when you think about it then it forms into a dream but I'm not quite sure myself, but it's nothing to be scared of. Hope you have better dreams bye :) :)
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I have this problem too! I NEVER have dreams! And it stinks because I'm only 11 and a half (Too little :(... ). I tried to guess what it means, and I came up with a TON of theories!

1. I have a "gift"
2. Someone is trying to send me a message
3. My like sucks ( haha don't listen to that )

And the weird thing was when I had the dreams, when I woke up and went through the day, what I saw in my dream, I saw while I was awake. So I really don't know, those are just guesses because its happening to me too and I don't have a clue what is happening. A weirder thing that is happening is that in every nightmare I have, SOMEONE has to die. So all I can say is, pay attention to your dreams, and when you have a dream, write it down in a notebook/paper, and see how it connects with your life. :) Good Luck! -
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I also have this problem and what you shouldn't do is stay awake all night like I do, it isn't healthy. What you should do is wake up breath clear your head and think of something you like if that doesn't work just lay there till you do fall asleep. Hope that helps

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