In My Dreams, I Always Catch My Partner Cheating And Running Around. What Does That Mean?


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It sounds to me like you have trust issues. Has your partner ever given you any reason not to trust them? If they've cheated on you in the past, or flirted with other people in front of you, then I can understand why you might be having such dreams.

What If My Partner's Never Cheated? Has a lover broken your trust in the past? If so, try to rationalize your insecurities. You may have been cheated on before, but not every person is the same. Just because one person has been deceitful, it doesn't mean everybody is!

When someone does something to hurt you in your dream, it's easy to carry a grudge into the next day - even when that person has done nothing wrong in reality! Try to be aware of this, and don't resent your partner for what they did in your dream. It's your subconscious that's hurting you, not them!

How Can I Stop Having These Dreams? You need to address your trust issues. It might help to talk about this - either with your partner, or with a therapist or a friend. Don't tell your partner that you don't trust them straight out, as they're likely to take offense.

Trust is very important in a relationship, and if it's not there, then maybe you should consider dating someone who you can trust.
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I always had dreams that my partner was cheating on me, the reason for this was that he had cheated when we were first together and after that the doubts were always in the back of my mind.

I think that this was the reason I dreamed them, as they were always in my mind. But if your partner hasn't cheated then maybe someone else did before him? Or even close friends or relatives have cheated you in the past.

This could be nothing to worry about - if you trust him, reassure yourself, but talk to him about the dreams and explain it's not your fault, as you can't help it. Get it all off your chest as it may build up and cause bigger problems - if he cares for you he will understand.
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I have dreams too about my man cheating on me - mainly I think because he has never been faithful to any girl he has been with & when we fight he will make threats of having girls in my bed. Trust is very important & if we don't have trust, we can't truly love or ever be happy with a man.
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I agree. Maybe you don't trust him.
Has he given you any reason not to trust him?
Has he changed any habits recently or is he acting differently toward you?
Does he stay out late at night?
These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself. If you don't see any signs of it, then I would think it is just in your sub-conscious mind, and you think there is a possibility he is or might and that is why you are having these dreams.

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