Why Do Ghost Try To Kill Me In My Dream?


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Allison Hodgson answered
I don't know if I could really help you but I have had a similar experience. I woke the other night at 3:30am to find a young  woman suspended in mid air. She was wearing black and he head was slightly down as if praying. I though nothing of this as I have regular sightings of full bodied ghosts. However it took me a long time to get back to sleep and once I have fallen asleep again I could see the woman suspended in mid air again. However this time she lifted her head looked at me and her body swooped down towards me disappearing millimeters before hitting my face. I believe she was trying to tell me something but because I believe in ghosts this was an easy Assumption to come to but I think theres meaning behind every dream
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I would just chalk that up to a nightmare really. They don't come to you in your dreams to harm you, if anything it would be a loved one or family member just dropping by to say hi to you. You never get the bad ones when you are dreaming, so, yeah, just chalk that up to a nightmare. Hope this helps.
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Ghosts in dream mean danger. You'd better take good care of yourself.

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