Why do i dream of this same guy every day? Will he have the same dream as me?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Chances are he may be thinking of you but probably wont have the same dreams of you. Just go with the flow and play along and see whatever happens.  Good luck

Rain Ungert Profile
Rain Ungert answered

If it occures from time to time then this is exaclty what it means. He is trying to get in touch with you, just follow the directions and go with it. It is probable that he even is in your dreams, visiting you and he is as confused as you are.

Dreaming about certain person

There are many possibilities on what is he trying to tell you:

  • Dreaming of a person smiling, means you will need the support and understanding of a friend.
  • It means trouble if he is hiding.
  • If he is unknown to you, it means you will have to travel or switch home.
  • If he has red cheecks, it means love
  • If hes smutty, it means you will turn your weaknesses to strength
  • If he has pale face, it means you could get sick

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