I Keep Dreaming About The Same Person Over 11 Years. Do My Dreams Have Any Meaning At All?


3 Answers

Kristi DeMilta Profile
Kristi DeMilta answered
Yeah, your dreams are telling you that you miss this man and you're attached. From the way you described the 'eyes locked, time stops' thing, it sounds to me like there's a real flame there. He could very likely be your soul mate [theoretically speaking]. I say go for it, see what happens. Life is about taking chances, and this could be a sign for you to go for it!
Kymm Profile
Kymm answered
I think there's a reason he came back into your life. I'd have to say go for it...You know the old saying... If you love it let it go.. If it comes back it was meant to be...
John Profile
John answered
Was that you I saw,I could not stop. I figured you already had your life the way you wanted it to be...sorry,could not pass that up....I think a lot of people go through this after school wandering what life would have been like only if.....

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