I heard that if you have the same dream three days in a row, it'll come true. Does anyone think this is true?


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I am not going to tell you why,or how I know this,but I know for a fact, that this is true.Stuff the non believers.
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Some times I'll have a dream an than in a week or less the dream will come true and it has happened to me quite often so yes I believe it is I mean we don't even use most of our brain so who knows what we could do if we did.
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catherine adams
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Its fantasy and sometimes we can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality, and os sure, if you believe it, it might be a sign, and you do something about it, or it may linger and one day, if its a repeat dream, it will fade away. Do you want it to come true.
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It's an old popular saying, but it's just a symbol for something in your life that you're wishing for.You might like a boy and you're hoping he'll ask you out or you might want the date to go really well so you can see him again.Thinking about things a lot spills over into our dreams a lot of the time.
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No. But you -can- make it happen. If it's realistic, of course. :)

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Yeah if you want it to.... But they can be often misleading. Dreams are linked to NREM sleep and rapid eye movements REM - a leading question often asked is 'having you been dreaming' - but what might be more important is 'what was passing through NREM dreams can happen early in the night and at the end of a night. They are known as "hypnagogic" hallucinations, or images.... So we are fantasising in our dreams. Sometimes its a fantsay we might want to live out, but it will have changed how it began by the time we wake up. Environmental circumstances influence dream content - lots of dreams are sexual, some dreams lead to anxiety and reoccur - until we resolve the problem in everyday life...we have an expression 'my dream came true' but by then it would have translated in everyday life and gone through many processes. Dreams in Ancient Greece were believed as a revelation and this was also widespread in the Near East. There was belief that dreams came from phropecy and so - well there was thought that something or other might come into being - it could come true....There are dreams that can affect us that can be significant and and others are non-signigicant. We all dream a lot, but don't remember a great number of them. Happy dreams to you.
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Not really Melina.  But it would be nice.  Dreams are just the mind going through odd stories, in the same way we may be asked to write a story in school, and we make it up.  It won't really happen, nor is it reality, even if one person dreams they win a new car, and do so a week later - that's just concidence.
For some people, they can often dream of what they wish for or think of in the day.  That used to happen to me, but not for over 20 years now. I mainly have nightmares now based on silly thngs.

People who analyse dreams can maybe see extra details in the story, and be able to define a meaning,  but this is most likely in the same way that some people see a film based on a crime, and can simply 'see' the result. It's not magic, it's just different brains working out different things.

Just my opinion though  :)

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