What Is The Meaning Of Ants In My Dream?


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A dream about ants could mean a number of things. Some people believe that ants represent hard work and cooperation, and others think that ants are symbols of conformity and repression. Alternatively, ants could suggest that you're feeling dissatisfied or insignificant.

Ants As Hard-Working Team Players

Ants are social creatures; a colony is often referred to as a "super-organism" as the insects appear to operate as a single entity . They work together to achieve their goals, and they're diligent and determined. Seeing ants in your dream could symbolize hard work, possibly in a business environment.

Ants As Conformists

The fact that ants do tend to work as a colony rather than as individuals means that ants in your dream could also symbolize conformity, oppression and a lack of choice. This could apply to any aspect of your life, so think about where the ants appeared in your dream. This might indicate the problem area.

Ants As Tiny And Insignificant

Again, because of their social nature and tendency to live in large colonies, ants can represent a feeling of being lost in the crowd and undervalued. Maybe you feel insignificant, or worry that you're not getting the recognition you deserve. Don't let this get you down - remember, all ants are equally important to the well-being of the colony.

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I had a dream today that my body was full of black ants crawling all over and the more I shuck them off the more ants there would be.
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The ant is a well known symbol of hard working industriousness, and by extension being well off financially. If you dream of winged ants, however, this shows carelessness in work. Dreaming about a long line of ants walking across the ground is very much a symbol of good luck.
There you go hun straight out a dream book..
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I have seen in my dream a lot of ant in my house  please let me know what's its mean
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Oh baby that's nothing dear once I saw snakes over my body in my dreams even I got scared when I woke up and thought may be that was an indication that something bad is going to happen to me but I was such an idiot hahaha nothing happened infact that day I had a handwriting competition and believe me after few days I came to know that I won the first prize

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