What Is The Meaning Of Rats In A Dream?


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Wow, that doesn’t sound very pleasant! There are lots of ways you could interpret a dream about rats, though, so your dream might not actually be as bad as it first seems.

What Can Rats Symbolize In Dreams?
  • Dirt and disease – rats have a reputation for spreading plagues, so maybe you feel as if a certain aspect of your life is infected in some way. For further insight into your dream, think about where you saw the rat!
  • Intelligence – Whether you like them or not, rats are pretty intelligent creatures. Maybe this is a sign that you need to really think about your situation – the solution is within reach!
  • Something suspicious – If you’ve ever heard the idiom “to smell a rat”, you’ll know what I mean! Rats are often associated with sneaky, suspicious or untrustworthy behaviour. Can you really trust the people in your life?
  • Just a rat – Quite often, our dreams are just manifestations of our fears. Maybe you just don’t like rats.
If you want to know more about what your dream could mean, think about who was there, what was happening and where you were when the rat appeared. Good luck!

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