What Is The Meaning Of Elephants Charging Toward You In A Dream?


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There are quite a few theories as to what dreams of elephants could mean. Some people believe they symbolise strength, or a need to be patient, or to let go of the past.

It might help you to think back to the circumstances in which you saw the elephant before you attempt to figure out what it means. Consider where you were and who you were with when the elephant made an appearance, and the dream may start making more sense!

Elephants As A Sign That You Need To Be More Patient Or Understanding

Elephants (forget about Dumbo for the moment) are usually depicted as slow and thoughtful creatures. Maybe you could learn from them; slow down, think about things, and give others time to catch up. 

Elephants Never Forget, But Maybe You Need To!

Are you tied up in the past, or are you holding a grudge? Are you preoccupied with something that's happened to you in the past? You can't change what's already occurred, so maybe it's time to let go and focus on the present.

Elephants As Symbols Of Strength, Loyalty, Power And Intellect

Elephants are often thought to be introverted creatures; they keep to themselves, are very intelligent and seem to spend a lot of time thinking. Don't let their size deceive you - elephants in dreams are supposed to be a good sign.

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I dreamt about a herd of elephants and they were chasing 3 kids.  I am not sure if the elephants were been tormented by the kids.  The kids seem to get away from the elephants only to be chased into town and the elephants standing in front of there house.  This was a really reid dream.
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It probably means that you've thought about being charged by an elephant, or you've seen a movie/picture where someone gets charged by an elephant. Dreams tend to be images that your mind throws up while filing through contents and crystallizing memories, so that's probably where the dream came from.

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