Does God Exist ! I believe yes, what about you?


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Why does it matter what you believe?

There has never been any evidence for gods anytime or anywhere.

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The entire universe, existence itself, is based on a numerical system. There is something  remembering, holding to account or keeping track of all of the numbers. Call it what you want. Everything isn't falling apart in a state of entropy. It would if some force didn't keep it from collapsing.

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Sure, I think He exists.

Just remember that evidence or lack thereof, thoughts about His existence or non existence, and choosing to believe or not to believe that He exists have absolutely no effect on whether or not He actually exists.

Bottom line:  Either the theists or the atheist will turn out to have been wrong.

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If he does, and if the Christians have got it right, and if there's a great white throne before whom we're all brought for judgement, I'm gonna have just one question before he drops the hammer on me. I want to ask, "Big Guy, how did you manage to so completely stuff it up?"

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Remember Charles, this site is based in Britain, so the time difference. 8 hours ahead of me, so it's the 360th there already.
Charles Davis
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I know Rooster, I used to live on the island of Guam that is in the same time zone as Sydney AU, I just had to give some comment on the idea that tomorrow is already here somewhere.
Rooster Cogburn
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Gotcha !
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Depends. If you believe in God as a figure some of the current religions are representing, an omnipotent figure that judges your every move and thought - then no.

But there might be a higher power, or purpose if you will, in the grand cosmic sense of things. Maybe it isn't just random atoms dispersed through the Universe, forming celestial bodies without a meaning. Maybe it's a bit more complex and part of something bigger. Sadly, we'll never know in our generation (or the next 10,000 generations). But maybe .. Some day, we may evolve and progress enough to learn. Like a bacteria getting self-aware it's living in a human body.

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Yes and Yes. I personally find my belief in GOD to be my greatest benefit.  What a wonderful pleasure to know him and to keep learning more. We knowledge his created universe and humans. We know truth. 

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For me,  . . there isn't any reason to believe any God/Gods exist.

For those whom believe, it usually follows that they were indoctrinated to believe in something "Outside" themselves. The definition of that "Something" depends COMPLETELY on the region of world and culture they were born into.

I personally find the belief in a God a hindrance more then a benefit in life.

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Tom  Jackson
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Honest answer, based on your convictions arrived at after personal searching, and well stated.

Well done.
Darik Majoren
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I am trying Thomas.
You will notice I have also been looking at your other posts to find common grounds. I believe you will note that we both like Peanut butter in a very similar fashion.
Tom  Jackson
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I have noticed the difference---and the similarities.

For what it's worth, I approve.
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I have had some personal experiences that lead me to believe "he" does. I don't expect everyone else to believe, and feel it is a personal desicion.

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Yes, God does exist we can look at his wonderful universe. Earth is our home has everything we need to exist and be happy.  Psalms 115:16 states," As for the heavens, they belong to Jehovah, But the earth he has given to the sons of men." Psalms 139:14 states, " I praise you because in an awe-inspiring way I am wonderfully made.  Your works are wonderful,  I know this very well."  There is more  than enough evidence that God exist.,

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I don't just believe, I know He exists!

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Jann Nikka
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@Sharon, excellent point. Stay strong.
Sharron Prestcott
Dark Majinn....then you don't understand faith either. No I'm no special at all just very ordinary. So many people don't discuss at length their beliefs or their faith it's a private thing but it exists.
I wish you peace!
Darik Majoren
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Peace to you as well Sharron.

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