What does it mean when (in a dream) a spirit tries to kill you?


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karina lopez answered
You have an unsolved problem with some one that pasted and yuhh have to figure out what it is and solve it or itll keep haunting yuhh.
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Mark Miller answered
You might want to get help from the Ouji board the same thing happened to me to, the ouji board contacts the spirits around you and answer the questions you ask them.
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Beth Counterman
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I heard that a Ouji board would be dangerous because that would allow them to do whatever they wanted, and it's energy is harmful...is there a way to do a Ouji board and yet not allow it completley out?
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Jami Tripps answered
It could mean anything it could mean that someone dead really wants to kill you, or maybe you had to much sugar before you went to bed......

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