If A Child Murders At The Age Of 10 Nd They Die At The Same Age...Do They Go Hell Or Heaven?


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Probably go to hell or worse than that they could be made to sit through a westlife concert!
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My family is a bunch of extremist religious freaks so I grew up with learning valid answers to questions like this. If the child was disturbed then no, God will take pity on the child. But if the child is aware of what he or she is doing then yes the kid will go to hell because he or she is above the age of reason. The age of reason is 8-9.
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According to the Christian Bible the 10 year old would go to hell and be tortured for all of eternity.  Whether this is justified or logical is questionable at absolute best, yet that is how it is.  The use of a punishment/reward system after all chances have been expended is also questionable and really worthless on the whole.  According to myself, I would say that the child would be cremated or put into a wooden box and then buried, from there the child would shift a few centimeters every few years as the continents move and the dirt shifts, but the child would certainly not go to heaven or hell as such places do not exist.
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Heh? Relevance Addison? Or perhaps you would like to post some support to your overall ridiculous statement.
savannah seymour
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Thats not in the christian bible bud!
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Sure it's in the Bible: Thou shalt not kill. I suppose if the kid said "sorry about that Jesus, can I come to eternal paradise now" he would be all fine and dandy but that opens the Christian faith up to yet more criticism.
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I would think hell
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Hell of-course because any child that knows what  & how to murder is worthy of going to HELL...
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If he believes in God and jesus, and the forgiveness through Jesus death and resurrection, heaven, if he doesnt, hell
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Hell because they murdered someone duh! This is such a silly question to ask:)
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Addilynn Addilynn
No ur silly...i may be silly for those 10 seconds ....but u will nver know if u nver ask...so do not call a question silly
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Asking if an infinite punishment is given for a finite crime isn't really a silly question to ask.
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I hope they go to hell because well they were bad! And no one would be pleased if he/she wnet to heaven! Especially on the same day!

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