A lot of time people ask, "how can you prove God is real?" We've gone out and proven it, but some people still aren't satisfied. So I ask you, how can you prove that God isn't real?


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"We've gone out and proven it, "

Really? Evidence please.

"So I ask you, how can you prove that God isn't real? "

I don't prove negatives. You are making the claim for the existence of god(s) so it is up to you to provide the evidence for such a being.

Not once in the history of the world has any evidence that would stand up to scrutiny ever been advanced for any god anywhere.

So, convince me.

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How can we prove that God isn't real?

We don't have to.

If you tell me something that is impossible is possible, it's not up to me to prove that it's impossible. It's up to you to prove it is possible. That has not been done.

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That's a never ending question isn't it? The idea of "God" or "gods" is always changing therefore the disbelief of those same deities will always change. Even as a Christian I'm not too concerned with proof of God's existence in either direction. It would be like giving proof that a fairy doesn't exist. Sure it would disprove the people that believe in fairies but at the end of the day, who cares? 

The belief in God at the end of the day only affects those that believe in God or gods plural. I'm not concerned with how many people believe in my God. I'm more concerned with how the people who believe in my God treat those that don't believe in my God.

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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. What proof has been presented? We who? Please elaborate, who proved the existence of a God? 

It is patently illogical to prove a negative, I.e, prove Bigfoot doesn't exist. It is also unnecessary to disprove what has never been proven, ie God, Bigfoot, unicorns, leprechauns, fairies or elves.

Gods exist on the whim and belief of those who choose to believe in them, and for all of recorded history, nowhere else.

What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence. I dismiss your claim until shown irrefutably otherwise.  

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Don't pay attention to those people! They are just trying to still defend their fake belief! God is real and any nutshell who can't believe it then don't, God isn't going to go away if you don't believe in him! You're not special! And I'm glad it's proved that God's real!

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Yes I know that. As the song goes, "I serve a risen savior who's in the world today, I know that it is finished whatever a men may say!" The main reason I posted this question, though, was to get people thinking. Thx for the reply though
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You're welcome!

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