Atheists don't go around trying to convert religious people, so why do religious people think its okay to try and convert atheists?


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If you wish to be entertained, and at the same time understand how religious extremism develops, take an opportunity to read "Small Gods" by Terry Pratchett. Lots of truisms in a interesting book.

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Alex Beierle
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That book is detrimental to humanity.
Ray Dart
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You've never read it (you said so in an earlier answer). Please do not talk about what you do not know about. (I guess that means you ought to just keep quiet.) This is a Q&A website, not a platform for your views. You are perfectly entitled to them, we don't need (or want) to hear them.
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I'm far from being a religious person, I never will, but sometimes I have my own special way to pray and who I worship ..Just like you have your own thing you do in life...I won't step on Satan as long as you don't step on my Lord Jesus Christ


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Taylor Brookes
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I already spoke to Kass. He said he would look into taking this question down. I just want to say now though that I am disappointed in how this has turned into an argument and I am sorry if anyone was upset by this. It was never my intention to upset anyone.
Cyber Tooth Tiger
It's okay Taylor, no need to apologize these questions always lead to argument and disagreement among all people and i try to be positive minded with all people cause I been through so much stuff in life and so much hurt in life and I do believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and right to free religion of what ever they want to be :-)))
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Amen to that (no witticism intended). It was a perfectly reasonable question that got "taken over". No fault lies with you Taylor.
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It's part of their religion and it is most irritating.

Fortunately religion is dying, so less and less of that nonsense will have to be put up with.

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Taylor, all the things happening in the world causing chaos are because of the thinking "he is doing wrong, I'm doing right, let's change him".

So that's why all those religious people in their opinions are trying to "bring" people to the right side of life! They think being religious, saying god's name a million times a day... is like the direct ticket to heaven! Ah forget it! They are just stupid people who first were too extremely modern and, now after doing all the wrong things, they've turned to an extreme level of religion!
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What do you call it when atheist give unsolicited comments about believing in the bible. Have you been reading forums like this? Atheists are rarely asked for their direction but they have no problem giving it when others are conversing among themselves. I guess when they do it they are helping but when someone talks about the bible it's called something else???

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Militant atheists would prefere other people were atheist as they find the belief in God to be offensive in some way.  Religious people tend to think that there is a penalty or danger in non-belief. Whether people try to covert people probably just depends on their disposition and how pressing they believe it is to believe in a certain thing. In principle I don't mind atheism or atheists. I don't worship God particularly myself. But lots of atheists things have offended me, which are fashioned in a similar way to some of the stuff Dawkins writes. That's because for a lot of atheists merely not believing in God is not enough. They feel that people who do believe in God are stupid in some way, comparing it to believing in fairies etc. I don't believe in the Bible, and I feel similar sense of ridicule towards people who believe in the Bible. But I don't feel condescension towards people who believe in God. And even if I did, I'd probably not choose to express it in the way that some Dawkin-ites express it.

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In hopes of saving your soul.

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