What Is The Importance Of Advent For Christian People?


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Advent is one of the seasons of the Church year within the Catholic church and some other denominational churches.
It is the four weeks prior to Christmas; the intent of Advent is to prepare spiritually for celebrating the birthday of Jesus.

The word advent means a time of change, a time to look inward and discover those things in our we need to change to become a better person. This means adding things to our life to improve ourselves and ridding our life of things, which
prevent us from being more like Jesus in our relationships.

Taking time prior to Christmas, to focus on who Jesus is and how faithfully we are to living His commands, to love God and neighbor as ourselves is a good practice. Jesus came to save us from sin. Advent helps us focus on gratitude and love for Jesus whose birth we celebrate on Christmas.
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As with Lent for Easter, Advent walks the Christian through the events that transpired leading up to the birth of Jesus in a manager.
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It isn't important to us we all just can't wait till christmas and someone along made a advent season.

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