Why Is Christmas Important To Christians?


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Because that was the day that Christ Jesus was born.
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There were a number of different dates have been proposed for the commemoration of the birth of Christ, but why does the December 25 to commemorate such a day there are other explanations. Here are other possible causes:
1, "Catholic Wikipedia Filmography" on the entry about Christmas around the introduction of the first Christmas. Christmas did not appear in the early Christian period into sections, such as Irenaeus and Tertullian none of reference. With regard to the Christmas period from the earliest record of around 200 years AD Alexandria, at which time Alexandria Clement said that some of the Egyptian theologians of Christ not only to Lifetime, but also for his birthday too curious, and to set this birthday Augustus moving in the 第二十八年 Pachon 25 (that is the Gregorian calendar May 20). 325 years, when the first Council of Nicaea the church of Alexandria identified dies Nativitatis et Epiphaniae (Christmas and Epiphany of the date). Christmas celebration in December, when introduced in the fifth century Egypt. In Jerusalem, pilgrims from Bordeaux Egeria (also known as Silvia) witness Candlemas Day (Christmas after Si Shiri) is the future Si Shiri January 6, while the local Christmas should be January 6th. In Antioch, around the year 386 AD John Chrysostom Church, called for unity in the December 25 to celebrate the birth of Christ, some of which in other days to celebrate this holiday season at least a decade.
2, Christmas Day based on the crucifixion of Jesus. Because the exact date of the death of Jesus in the four Gospels do not specifically mentioned, the early Christians try to guess to arrive about March 25 or April 6. According to the Bible, Old Testament messianic prophecy that he will die of the whole coming of age, or one full year of Christians in order to project the birthday of Jesus: Jesus crucifixion day plus 9 months is his birthday - December 25, or a 6 months. But this argument has never been recognized Jesus by the scholars. Only certain Christian churches to deceive the guise of non-Christians. In fact the date of Easter is different every year, deaths are not the same day, while the calendar is a mess. On the assumption that the New Testament does not lie and to ignore the paradox of the four Gospels at the same time assume that The Last Supper is a Passover dinner, under the premise astronomers de 2003 Romania Liviu Mircea and Tiberiu Oproiu the results of computing the date of death of Jesus is de 33 Friday, April 3 years at 3 pm. Newton operator is de 34 4 23. Even so, the different assumptions and premises are the calculation results are different.
3, early Christians borrowed pagan gods, such as the different sun god Apollo, hell Magistrate Horus (Egypt, one of the main god), Cupid (Roman Lord God), Ploutos (Greek god), the Buddha (Buddhism) or the ancient times were recorded for Sun Ning Zeng Noah's birthday celebration. Jesus and Mary on the Horus and his mother from the story of Isis. Click here to view Christmas was stolen from the pagans in return.
4, from the birth of Jesus during the festival in light of the traditional (Jewish Hanukkah, color Lou month (Kislev) 25 days, began in Tevet). Lou color generally corresponds to the Gregorian calendar month in December. In the old Julian calendar, Jesus's birthday is the 5-year BC 25 Lou color, corresponding to the Gregorian calendar is November 25.
More than a third the fourth can be used to explain the return of the sun, while the second obviously does not hold. A lot of evidence to show that Jesus was not born on December 25, "New Testament" no record of Jesus told his disciples to celebrate his birthday and his disciples for Christ's birthday celebration. Jesus was born the day may be around October 1; because only the middle of the year at this time, a shepherd will guard the flock of sheep at night in the open. (Luke 2:8-12). Another astronomer Kepler under the "Gospel of Matthew," the birth of Jesus as described in the astronomical phenomenon - "the sky's a big star", the projected 6 years BC April 17 birthday of Jesus is the exact day.
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It shouldn't be, because it's really the pagan festival of Yule, to mark the Winter Solstice.

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