If there is no other God above the Abrahamic God, and He knows this, is God an Atheist?


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God could only be an Atheist if He didn't believe in god(s). 

So He would have to NOT believe in Himself as a god.

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Darik Majoren
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True, but the idea or concept of a God to Him would be foreign since, He would be God, and no one is above Him.
If you are one of a kind, then there is no one like you . . . no means of comparison. He doesn't have to believe in Himself to know He is . . . It is a perplexing concept since the word literally means "Without God" or "No God". God is Without a God of any kind, and He has No God/Gods . . . .
Walt O'Reagun
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If God does not believe in gods ... what is the point of wasting 1/10th of the Commandments telling people: "Thou shall have no other gods before me"?
Darik Majoren
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OH, VERY good point Walt . . . Maybe God (man) meant "Thou shall have no other concept of gods before my concept"?
So glad you came to blurtit my friend.
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As Walt and Dark Majinn show above, the question is not black and white and can be looked at from different perspectives. One helpful viewpoint is that God is not of one mindset but actually has many "faces". 

There is a minority of Christians that believe Jesus was/is God or one part of his psychology. There is the God of Old Testament, there is Allah which is simply the Islamic version of God, New Testament God, and the God of the Torah. 

God has been shown to show mercy in parts of the Bible and Koran as well as destroying entire cities in other parts. This would be much to extreme for an entity of a single moral compass to do. A God of a single mindset could be called an "atheist" under your logic yes. But Since the Abrahamic God seems to have different personalities and moral codes depending on different situations, then he'd have to not believe in any of his other qualities to be an atheist. He'd have to forget the fact that he create the Earth then later threatened to destroy it for Jesus, who can be argued is another quality of God's differing personalities. 

He seems to change his own ideology depending on what he feels we or the Earth needs at the time. When he thinks we need to be slapped on the wrist he turns wrathful. When God/Allah thinks man needs a little hug, he turns merciful. This might sound blasphemous and nonsensical, and I'm not saying if I agree with it or not, but this could be given as an excuse as to the fact that God couldn't be an atheist unless he disowned his own differing agendas and "faces"

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Darik Majoren
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Very nice, I like the concept of the "Many Faced God" . . .
ZombieE Lee
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Jewels, I was referring to his attempts at "flooding the world" according to scripture. Also that time in the Old Testament that a bunch of Egyptian kids were killed in their sleep. Also your last comment doesn't make sense to me. Dark Majin, I knew you'd appreciate my genius (:

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