In life, would you rather have a rewind button, or a pause button, Why?


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Rewind button. I would love to go through the 1980's again!

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I'd guess everybody would like a rewind button. I would love to go back into my past and see all the people I have loved and have since passed on. I would also invent bottled water. Who would have ever thought that would be a sellable item.

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Matt Radiance answered


No pause, cause life is always moving forward, That's one of it's beauties.And I wouldn't pause to be able to do something. That's weakness. I need to learn to think,decide & move fast in life with all it's topics. That is the  difference between  success & failure. If I fail, I learn from my mistakes for the next time, to reach success. When I do, I'm  proud that I learn that success by trying, not with sitting steady & pushing a pause button.

No rewind. Because I  wouldn't fix anything back, Any decision I make, words I spell, thoughts I share . . Anything that I do. It's who I am & a  human is always prepared to develop so I wouldn't make a dozen mistakes & then rewind it & fix it. I'd learn it by experience to taste the wrongs & circumstances. Then I wouldn't rewind past either.The past is past, That's where it belongs & it need to stay there. I only look for today & future. I am who I am today because of what I've done yesterday, Whoever I will be in the future is for things I do today so the present is crucial.  I wouldn't change past events by rewinding to change who I am today. If I do, I betray the process of life.

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Asma Jamil answered

I would say rewind button.  Because some things that I did in my past, I want them to be undone.

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Darik Majoren answered

I would love to say rewind, however; I like who I am now, and what I have now. Using rewind can alter the NOW in such a way that destroys what you have in the here and now. Also, our memories tend to be much better then the actual event . . . 

Pause would only be helpful if you knew WHAT was about to transpire that "could" be bad. Often times, things happen so fast, that all pause would to is lengthen the bad event that WOULD be happening already . . .

So neither would be the choice for me. Enjoy the "Now" in life, embrace who you are in it.

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PJ Stein answered

Maybe  a pause button. A little extra time to evaluate as something happens might not be a bad thing.

Definitely not a rewind. I have made my mistakes, but I have learned from them all and I am a stronger and better person for them. There is only one person I have hurt, emotionally and frankly that played out about as best as it could. So no regrets for me.

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