What If The Only Thing That Makes A God Real Is A Person's Belief In Them?


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If believing is what makes Him real then so be it. It changes nothing as far as the outcome. An unbeliever will never believe in the things of the Spirit (God is a Spirit) b/c he/she doesn't have the Spirit in them(1 Corinth 2) so simply put belief in God is more than just saying it with your mouth. Jesus didnt die so we could have a RELIGION. Otherwise He could have remained alive or never came for that matter. Belief in God is not a decision, but a heart issue. You who dont believe in Him have a decision to make whether or not to accept truth, but we who believe simply have accepted Him into our hearts and minds, not as a thought but as a real person living in us. He is not just someone sitting in outer space chillin on some clouds, but He is in EVERY TRUE beleiver and thats without question. He teaches us to put up with stuff we would never be able to do on our own, He shows us patience and holiness, not some TV type holiness with the monks and priests, but a lifestyle that is suitable to please Him. He talks to us and communicates like you and I. He is waiting on you to stop doubting and ask Him to reveal Himself to you.
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Honestly in my opinion that is the only thing that makes a god real.... Is a person's belief in that god. There is evidence that supports the existence of these Gods, but certain documents and things like that have been altered so much over time. For instance the bible.... Many christians base their life on God's word " The Bible" and these people think this book has never been altered! So the only thing that would make a god real to a person is there belief in them. That's just my opinion. Many people will disagree.
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Because one believes God is real doesn't necessitate that He is. As well, not believing He is real doesn't necessitate that He isn't. We accept that He is real based on external proofs and internal faith. Of course, that is simplifying the answer to your question, but since the nature of God is purely simple, it's best to keep our knowledge and faith exactly that simple. We would be so much better off and experience much peace and freedom and unity with this simplicity. Unfortunately though, it is our imperfect nature, our lust for perfection and being right which beckons us to analyze such things ad nauseum, no?!! I find that i am so much better off when i pray before i tackle any scriptural, theological, or philosophical questions. Once again, Mr. Locke, thanks for the provocative challenge!
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Here's a question... Why is "god" a "he" and why do you keep capitalizing it? Would it not make more sense that if a singular "god" exists it would either be a woman (hence giving birth/creating the universe, Earth, people, nature, etc) or some form of being without gender? This is obviously a relic of the Judeo/Christian misogynistic past.
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Jsheehy, have you noticed how some nonbelievers who spend time in the religion/Christianity categories have a tendency to dismiss the original question by bringing up topics completely irrelevant to it? If you're going to answer it, then answer it in context. Otherwise, go ahead and post the "capitalizing God and related pronouns" and the "God gender" questions separately. And again, please feel free to shout at me if you want to address those issues.
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I know your probley going to give me a thumbs down...but( believing ) is~what makes it so...

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