Weirdest dream you've ever had?


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Is it bad that I don't remember any of my dreams? What does that say about me?!

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It's not one dream. What I think is weird is that I've had a movie dream since I was five. I dream about living this other life about 3-8 times a year. It just goes on and on. Always different situations, but it's the same town, people, houses, geography. One time we were having a party, and I woke up and thought I was still in my dream. It's so realistic that it's kind of creepy.

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On what level of weird? Lol. I had a dream where I was scuba diving and exploring around a shipwreck. Suddenly we were on land (the ship was still there, on dry land) and I continued walking around to the other side of the boat. A duck came out of one of the lifeboats and ATTACKED me. Do duck bites hurt in real life? Because they really hurt in dreams :(

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I once had a pet dragon. His name was Sparkles! (Don't ask why because I don't know, lol) Sparkles was in a small cave when he sneezed fire and burned to a crisp... It was very sad. I've got to stop having spicy snacks before bed. Best of luck to you!

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Few years ago,for three months, I've dreamed about my room while there's  storm & rain outside. The windows & doors get open & close caused by the wind. Then onto one of the windows a face come to show up but it's blurred & hard to recognize who is it. The dream repeated to me until I've seen that it's a girl but I don't know her by any means. Well the dream stopped & few months later on, out of the blue, I've met the same girl accidentally & things connected us. Also it happened fast that we became good friends!

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Matt Radiance
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Yup!!! these things happens to me a lot tho! i learn to how deal with them & understand them!
Matt Radiance
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That is so cool! for me it's been hard to get use these kind of things, but by time i learnt to live with it in a positive way. it's helpful for me actually. & about your dream, who knows!!! maybe that one is about to happen as well . . nobody knows for sure :))
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...well... now................i........ became a lot less sceptic...
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I dreamed I was missing
You were so scared
But no one would listen
'Cause no one else cared

Anyone? Lol

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Going to heaven and seeing all my past animals

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[WARNING: GROSS] (in this dream the following all seemed normal) i once had a dream where a woman gave birth to a gross, jelly, starfish-shaped object which had to be put back in in order for her to give birth to a baby a couple days after... EWW...

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